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GIVEAWAY: Smartest Bluetooth Bracelet Watch L12s Pro

by Frank Tu 33


Welcome to the Gizmochina Giveaway.

Enter Giveaway and you could win L12s Pro Smart Bluetooth Watch.


Coupon code: GBLP
Coupon price: $26.99

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About the product:

Let’s feel the charm from the wearable technology, feel the change of our lives from the wearable technology in advance. Many people consider that smart wearable products are far away from their lives, but you who are fashion and smart, get our smart bracelet.

Main Features:
Music: Users can play the built-in music of device.
Rec: Can operate the function of record / check record / play record / delete record and so on.
Massage: Startup the massage function, the bracelet will vibrate so as to achieve the result of massage.
Time: Hourly chime function. Start up this function, it will vibrate you any time.
SMS: It can sync message with your mobile phone. But this function is only supported by pairing with Android 4.1 mobile system or above. Users need to install a software named smart bracelet in the mobile.
Remote camera: Works as a remote camera shutter to control your smartphone back camera. This feature only supports Android system, you need to install the APP.
Calls: You can check the call data in bracelet, like missed calls / dialed calls / received calls / all calls.
Contacts: Users can check the mobile phone book in the bracelet, can also choose the phone NO and call it in the bracelet.
Setting: You can set time and data, language, hand free on or off, set on or off, set reset and so on.
Mobile sync music player: Connect with smart bracelet and mobile phone, then play music in mobile, the music will sync in.201409011014539452201408271111258509201408271111266753



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  • j4m3z

    how many new gadgets are released each year?

  • Quang Huy

    very nice design

  • Frank, may I have chance to win it? 😀

  • umnVasudev

    Affordable buying price is what I like the most in Chinese Gadget’s!

  • Madhan Kumar

    I like chinese gadget’s because we get Outstanding feature’s for an amazing low price!

  • Mohamed yusuff

    Nominal price tag & good features,this is what I like in Chinese Gadget’s.

  • Kettavan Simbu

    Now a day’s chinese device’s has improved a lot in design department,so I like this the most in Chinese Gadget’s.

  • Arun Kumar

    No bloatware UI & Software like the one in Iuni U3 & OPO,this is what I like the most in chinese gadget’s.

  • Spiderman

    I like the affordability of chinese gadgets

  • itchy butt


  • Crissie Woolard


  • Abby


  • iANDROID8.1

    Cool 🙂

  • Jim

    How are the prices so low compared to American made products that are similar?

    • It’s just because they keep the profit margins low and cover the gap by the subsequent boost in sales.

      • Jim

        Seems obvious enough; just thought I would follow the rules no one else did and ask about the company.

        • Yeah! But every Chinese company follow these standard rule. It might be an established one or even a little clad.

  • Shinshin

    What is the battery spec in this? How long does it work before one have to charge it?

    • Company claims that you can get a battery juice of 168 hours(stand by time) on single charge.

      • Shinshin

        That’s 7 days. Sounds fine for a small device like this…

  • Sonia

    I would like to know if this overheats?

    • abhish

      Don’t worry it won’t.

  • mjohnlucen

    WOW! Love the design!! Hope I win!! 😀

    • abhish

      All the best!


    Battery life.

  • skeptomenos

    good luck all 🙂

  • I like cost effectiveness of chinese gadgets…however I still am vary of my privacy a lott

    • Abhilash


  • tpedreno

    Sweet device, it would come really handy for my workout sessions.

  • jose

    lo quierooo

  • manohar basavaraju

    LOL, Author of this post & topic creator himself has won this Bracelet ? Now i see how fair was the lucky draw !!! keep it up Gizmochina…

    • Frank Tu

      Sorry, I don’t know why this happened, but rafflecopter does not lie.