Qualcomm To Release Snapdragon 850 Early: Exclusive To Windows 10 on ARM Devices

by Habeeb Onawole 0

A few days ago, we reported that Snapdragon 845-powered Windows 10 on ARM devices were coming soon. There was even a Geekbench listing that showed the chipset was clocked higher than the regular SD845. New reports say that chipset is actually the Snapdragon 850.

According to Winfuture.de, Qualcomm will release the Snapdragon 850 early but there is a catch. The SD850 chipset is just a higher clocked Snapdragon 845 (just the way the SD821 is a higher clocked version of the 820) but one that will be used for Windows 10 devices powered by ARM.

Although the chipset will be clocked higher, it will come with the same X20 modem and offer Gigabit LTE. Below are Geekbench results of a test device from Qualcomm and one from Lenovo.


Snapdragon 850 Geekbench test devices

New Devices That Will Be Powered By The Snapdragon 850 Chipset

Winfuture.de was able to get info on the devices in development that will come with the new chipset. HP is said to be working on its second device which is codenamed Chimera 2. The Snapdragon 835-powered HP Envy X2 was codenamed Chimera. Production for the Chimera 2 will be handled by Taiwan’s Quanta.

Lenovo is also working on a new device codenamed ELZE1. Its first ARM PC, the Lenovo Miix 630 is still listed as coming soon. Taiwanese ODM, Compal, is said to be handling production for Lenovo. ASUS is also working on a new device codenamed Thanos.

While the aforementioned manufacturers are returning for the second-gen models, a new player is joining the game. It has been reported that Dell is also making a Windows 10 on ARM device.

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With respect to release dates, documents are said to have mentioned a summer arrival. We presume they may actually be announced this summer but won’t go on sale until autumn or maybe even winter.

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