Lenovo’s 4TB of Lies: Lenovo Z5 Teasers Vs Reality

by Jed John 0

Lenovo took the wraps off the much-hyped “bezel-less” Lenovo Z5 yesterday and it left us all disappointed. The Z5 was nowhere near the device Lenovo has been teasing all this while. Lenovo began teasing the Z5 in May and the company’s Vice-President Chang Cheng was the source of virtually all the teasers we saw. Calling the device a vaporware is even a compliment at this present time because indeed the Z5 was announced but with a design that looks nothing like the ones which feature in the numerous teasers. We’ll expatiate on this claim of ours.

The renders and teasers of the  Z5 promised us a bezel-less design and a screen ratio of up to 95% but in the end, the Z5 came with a notch. Yes, another one with the damn notch (apologies to those who find the notch attractive). Well, we’d have had no problem if they had hinted a notch design will be featured on the device but no, Mr Cheng instead painted and literally shared a con picture of a near bezel-less device with no sign of a notch up there. What about the 95% screen-to-body ratio? That too was a fluke. The Z5 was announced as having only a 90% screen ratio and that itself is doubtful. A Twitter user shared a picture of the Z5 showcased during the launch which is an official render and the device in real life. The size of the bezels is not the same. The bezels keep getting bigger on all sides for real. Check them out below.Lenovo Z5

Another aspect where Lenovo exhibited this deceit was teasing that the Z5 will come with 4TB of storage. This was right after Smartisan released the R1 packing a 1TB storage variant. While it remains a question begging for answer what we needed 4TB of storage for on a smartphone, we cannot ignore the fact that the Z5 was launched with no mention of a 4TB storage. Instead, what Lenovo launched was a 4TB Particle Cloud Storage device which will sell for almost the same price as the smartphone.Lenovo Z5 aurora

How can we forget the screaming teaser of the Z5 coming with a battery that can offer up to 45 days of standby time? Mr Cheng even teased further that the battery can offer up to 30 minutes of talk time at 0%. So you’d know, the device packs a miserable 3300mAh battery. We wonder the technological prowess at play that can get the juice to spew for up to 45days even when the phone is just on standby.

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So you see, we didn’t get the ultimate device that would mark the rebirth of the ZUK brand, all we got was a pack of lies, 4TB of lies! That is not to say the Z5 was all a miss. The device comes with a 6.2-inch display with FHD+ resolution of  1080p resolution, dual 16-megapixel cameras, and it’s got 6GB of RAM with either 64GB or 128GB of storage. Despite all these, the device comes in at just  1299 Yuan ($202) for the base variant and 1799 Yuan ($281 for the higher version. These are amazing price tags considering the design and specs but we are still disappointed for the bunch of lies peddled about the device before its launch. We demand an apology, Lenovo!