Oppo Find X breaks in bend test

by Anvinraj Valiyathara 0

Various tech publications have praised the OPPO Find X for its marvelous design that features Gorilla Glass 5 front and rear panels. The handset is equipped with innovative features like huge notch-less display and motorized camera assembly. Unfortunately, the Find X has failed the bend test by JerryRigEverything. It has been also found that the motorized camera assembly that not only houses the front camera but also the dual camera is one of the weakest parts of the Find X. The malfunctioning of the motorized top section also means that the phone will fail to authenticate the 3D biometric face unlocking.

JerryRigEverything begins the durability tests on OPPO Find X by showing how shaky the motorized setup is. It does not seem to be as stable as the pop-up front camera mechanism on the Vivo NEX. The upper portion wiggles a bit which means there is a space inside that can easily accumulate dust participles. If foreign objects get inside, it can affect the proper functioning of the motorized setup.

In the scratch test, the Gorilla Glass 5 layer of the Find X developed marks at level 6 of Mohs scale of hardness. Deeper grooves can be seen at level 7. The side of the phone including the buttons are made out of metal. The rear panel is also scratch-resistant as it features Gorilla Glass 5.

The front facing camera and the sensors for 3D facial recognition that are available on the frontside of the motorized assembly are also protected by toughened glass. Since the OPPO Find X is equipped with 3D facial recognition feature, it does not feature a fingerprint scanner. In the burn test, the 6.4-inch AMOLED display of the Find X developed a white burn mark and it never recovered.

Oppo Find X Bend Test Oppo Find X Bend Test

When pressure was applied from the backside of the Find X, it kept on bending which suggested that the phone could break easily with more force. When pressure was exerted from the front, the rigid and brittle AMOLED display could not handle the flexing and cracked in few seconds. Bending more from the front and rear caused the glass panels on both sides to develop cracks. The lack of stronger metal frame caused the phone to break easily.

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Zack Nelson, the voice behind the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel claims that 90 percent of the smartphones that he has tested could easily pass the same bend test that was used on Find X. He added that the OPPO Find X is not designed to handle abuses. Accidentally sitting or stepping on the Find X can cause damage to it.