POCOPHONE F1 arrives Europe for €330, to launch in 40 more countries

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Xiaomi also announced the POCOPHONE F1 in France today. The launch was held simultaneously in Paris, Jakarta, and Hong Kong. We already covered the launch in Hong Kong and Indonesia here.

POCOPPHONE F1 Europe price

Going straight to the point which is pricing and availability, the 6GB RAM + 64GB POCOPHONE F1 will sell for €360 in France while the 6GB + 128GB model will have a €400 price tag. It will be available in Steel Blue and Graphite Black and will go on sale in September.

The POCOPHONE F1 will also make its way to Spain where it will be sold for €330 for the 64GB model and €400 for the 128GB model. Xiaomi is giving out a €30 coupon for the 64GB model. It will also be giving out F-codes to 10 lucky winners to allow them to purchase the phone before the flash sales.

The phone will sell for €329 in Italy. The price for the 128GB version is unknown but it should be €400 too. Availability will be announced later.

POCOPHONE F1 Russian Price

In Russia, the 64GB model will sell for 20,990 Rubles though the original price seems to be 23,990 Ruble while the 128GB model is priced at 25,990 Rubles. There is no info with respect to date it will be available for purchase.

So far these are the countries we know what the POCOPHONE F1 will sell for. However, it will be available in a lot more countries. Below is an image showing all the countries the POCOPHONE F1 will be sold.

POCOPHONE F1 countries

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The number of countries shouldn’t be a surprise as Xiaomi doesn’t sell its flagships in some of these countries, so the POCOPHONE F1 will be the most expensive phone there. Unfortunately, Xiaomi hasn’t set its sight on Canada and the USA for the release of the POCOPHONE F1.

Once Xiaomi announces availability and pricing in these countries, we’ll let you know.