Get Up To 50% Off Snap-Up On Household And Various Other Items On Banggood

by Vinay Patel 0

With the end of November nearing, Banggood is preparing for Thanksgiving by doling out up to 50% off on household items and a slew other products that have been split into multiple categories.

This Thanksgiving Carnival features a 50% off snap-up wherein select products will be made available to the buyers with more than 50% off. The deal will be available per day at 2am/10am/16pm/21pm respectively.

It is worth noting that each of the aforesaid periods will be valid only for an hour.

The ‘Hot Zone’ category has further been divided into sections that feature items carrying $4.99, $8.99, $13.99, $75.99 and $23.99 price tags. Each sub-category feature items that come in handy in day to day life.

For instance, you can buy the Digoo DG-YS11 5 Brush for a lowered price of just $24.63, under the $23.99 sub-category.

Featuring the Digoo DG-C15 weather forecast digital LCD clock, Pulse lighter new double arc lighter, and Xiaomi smart toilet cover seat, the ‘Thanksgiving Top Purchase List’ category offers big discounts on highly useful electronic items.
The ‘Black Friday Spoiler’ section, on the other hand, features discounted items that you can add to your cart and wait for a part of its selling price to be revealed before you can finally snap-up the item on November 21st.

Much to the delight of brand-conscious buyers, the promotion features top brands like Digoo, BlitzWolf, Xiaomi and KCASA. Each brand offer items that you can buy without breaking the bank in this category.

While the market is brimming with all sorts of smart home appliances, these devices don’t come cheap. If you’ve restlessly been waiting to get your hands on a smart home device from top brands like Xiaomi and Digoo, you can head straight to the ‘Smart Home & Home Appliances’ category.

You can find a slew of other useful items for your kitchen and bathroom in the next section dubbed, ‘Kitchen & Bathroom Decor.’ Likewise, you can avail unmissable deals on a wide selection of gardening, housekeeping and pet supplies by visiting the promotion page.

You can click here to check out to join Banggood’s Thanksgiving Carnival before the promo wraps up!

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