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Do You Know Which Is Real Samsung Galaxy S III ?

Samsung Galaxy S III is the top seller smarphone than iPhone 5 in the last 3 months, and there is plenty of copies in China, which is best in my opinion? I think this is the best looking phone. It is difficult to recognize which is real when you put them together, because the copy phone is 100% clone, it even can use same case with real Samsung Galaxy S III.

Here is the video for the fake and real phone, after watching, you will beleive what I said.

Star Galaxy S3 V.S. Samsung Galaxy S3:

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Shine Wong

Shine Wong is an technology engineer, also is the founder and editor of GizmoChina, like to find new and valued products which made in China, give the guide to who like them.

  • joe

    It took me 2 seconds to figure out the fake