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InWatch and Meizu reveal smartwatch accessory to MX4

by Frank Tu 237 views1

Besides the MX4 and Flyme 4.0, Meizu introduced several other products at the launch this afternoon. One of them was a smartwatch from InWatch that serves as an accessory to the MX4.


Many users should be impressed with the InWatch MX4 Edition. It has a round dial like the Moto 360 and is made of metal. It uses a sapphire screen. The dial has a 35mm diameter and the watch can be worn by both men and women. It comes with a gold, black, or silver cover.


Users can set reminders with this phone. They can also use it as a timer and also as an alarm clock. At most, it can last for 3-6 months, but many packages should come with a battery.


Together with the MX4, it costs 1998 RMB (325.00 USD), but costs 399 RMB (64.90 USD) when sold separately.

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