MX4 launch: Meizu’s new phone has a 5.4-inc screen, 4G LTE, and MT6595

by Frank Tu 2

35a05701861047c397d8939e8aaa4edb_300 f62a55f9548e416abfe3e6fd5a20b810_300 051fa4b1a8b8446aa7e8f4ab703a2e65_300 ba8162b6a24f4f6b886d814e51fa3e9f_300 0b771d1e55ff40919366fbf5c04a2a6f_300 d2aea7cf2b8048a28078c2f7a7b23593_300 54b04556a12d4b40b68978e46641f2e2_300 23bfbcb0d26a4196a93118ada255c317_300 b98f5c92c5aa4a33a8150537aa320c53_300At today’s launch of the MX4, Meizu’s newest flagship phone was introduced and explained in detail by Bai Yongxiang who said that the MX4 is already in 800 Meizu stores all over China. The MX4 supports China Mobile and China Unicom 4G networks. According to Mr. Bai, the MX4’s internet speed is 7x faster than the MX3 while its Wi-Fi speed is 3x faster.


The MX4’s processor is the MT6595 chipset and the phone has scored 4612 in the Antutu Benchmark test. Its battery has 3100mAh .


The MX4’s camera has 20.7mp and can record 4K videos at 30fps. When taking quick photos, it can take 25 shots per second.


Now, for the phone’s design. The MX4’s frame is made of magnalium which was cut using a CNC process. This phone’s texture is better than baby skin. It has a detachable rear case. Its height is 8.9mm and is available in grey, blue, and gold.


The MX4’s screen is 5.4 inches and is surrounded by a frame with a thickness of 2.6mm giving it an 80% screen ratio. The screen has 1920 x 1152 resolution and ppi 418. The materials used to make the screen increase the glasses’ strength and helps prevent leakage and getting wet. Its OS is the Android 4.4.4-based Flyme 4.0.


The MX4’s selling price is 1799 RMB (292.63 USD).  Those interested can buy them at Oppo Mart for 299.00 USD