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Photos: One version of Lenovo Vibe X2 has multi-colored mid-frame

by Frank Tu 1

Last night, Lenovo formally launched their new ultra-slim octa-core cellphone, the Vibe X2, and besides its excellent hardware, its mid-frame’s design is amazing.


The Vibe X2 is 7.27mm thick and weighs 118g but its mid-frame is only 2.45mm thick. These snapshots from Phonearena show that its outer shell comes in many colors. Even more interesting is that one version has a rainbow mid-frame made up of four colors. These colors are put in a certain order. The first is black as it actually part of the screen. The next one is the same color as the back. The third color will be the same color as the power and volume buttons. Then, there is the fourth color.


What do you guys think? Impressive, right?


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