3 million presale orders! Everyone goes wild for the Meizu MX4

by Frank Tu 3

Since its launch in September 2, pre-orders for the Meizu MX4 have been insane. Not surprisingly, it costs 1799 RMB (292.93 USD).


Today, Meizu’s Vice-CEO, Li Nan, said in Weibo that 3 million orders have been made online alone. Offline pre-orders are expected to be high as well since there are more than 800 Meizu stores total.


Given the craze the Meizu MX4 has created, it would not be surprising if it is sold out soon. However, Meizu has already prepared for this as according to reports as they have already ordered more than a million other phones.


Our next focus should be on the Meizu MX4 Pro. If the price is reasonable, it should be a crazy season for Meizu.