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Xiaomi laptop leaked online with Intel processor, 16GB RAM and $480 price tag

by Joe 31


Xiaomi has quickly become the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. But apart from phones, the company also has other products in its portfolio like tablet, Router and TV Box. Looks like there will be one more addition to the portfolio as the latest leak suggests at a possible Xiaomi MI laptop in works.

This is not the first time we are hearing about a Xiaomi Notebook as in the past few m0nths, there have been plenty of speculations about the company entering the PC industry as a part of its next strategy. But today, we have something more conclusive, some pictures of the upcoming notebook as well as its configuration.


Some photos of the Xiaomi Notebook cropped up online today. As you can see in the pictures, the device looks exactly like Apple’s Macbook Air except for the logo on the front and the back. Below the display is the bright orange ‘MI’ branding and at the back too there is a silver ‘MI’ logo. The laptop also features a special orange colored function button that can take custom functions from the user.

The leak also provides some specs. The Xiaomi laptop will be powered by the latest Intel Haswell i7-4500u processor with 2 x 8GB dual channel memory. There will be a large 15-inch 1080p display up front. The laptop is expected to run on a linux OS customized by Xiaomi. As for the price, it is said that this Xiaomi laptop will retail for somewhere around 2999 Yuan which comes to around $481.

If these specs and pictures are of the real Xiaomi notebook, then we may have a winner here. The specs and the pricing make it a value for money device, much like other Xiaomi products. So, this laptop may turn out to be a best seller like Redmi 1S and the Xiaomi Mi3.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi is yet to announce anything officially and we still don’t know whether the company is actually developing a laptop in spite of these rumors. But given that we have been hearing about such a device for a long time plus with the company expanding into newer products like the recently announced Xiaomi Air Purifier, we won’t be surprised if Xiaomi does release this notebook PC sometime later next year.

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  • Observer_din

    i7 4th gen and 16G for $480. Who would not want that?

    • Steve Marshall

      I strongly suspect it’s a fake. If it’s not – I definately want one.

  • Pech

    Very old news.

  • did4skalia

    Well- I would prefer 2 times more cores (4) instead of 2 times less Ram (8). Plus what about graphic?

    • I have a Cyberpower PC with an i7 Haswell CPU (integrated graphics), and the results would blow your mind. There isn’t a game in my steam library (over 800 games) that it can’t run, most of which it can run on medium or high settings. Intel has made tremendous strides with the integrated GPU, it’s quite impressive.

      • There’s quite a notable difference between laptop & desktop Intel GPU performance because of TDP limitations. While on desktop the GPU can run at 100 % without any problems (the maximum chip TDP is around 65 W) in laptops it is noticeably limited by 15W GPU TDP limit (on 37W processors) and I can imagine is even more crippled on UVL processors (with their maximum chip TDP around 15W (so circa 7 W for GPU?)).

  • João Campos

    This reads completely fake.

  • Waris

    no way the price is real. The Cpu itself costs at least $200 dollars.

  • John

    256 GB SSD drive and retina display?

  • MishoIV

    WOW! Nice price. Now I know what my next laptop will be.

  • Magnus

    Its run by linux which sucks in my opinion

    • Divine Jakiro

      not sure internal BIOS support latest architecture or not, if not you can try boot Windows.

    • Code Breaker

      Windows is more sucks in my opinion

  • Adithya Sairam

    Great for High School/College…

  • Divine Jakiro

    Still wish to know
    1) Can boot to Windows?
    2) SSD or HDD
    3) Got using AMD or NVIDIA GPU?
    4) When only release to worldwide?
    5) Are they do as same as Apple, one more device not yet leaked(Pro version, i7 4700MQ, with Better Specs GPU)?

    • Hannibal Lecter

      if it has an intel x64 processor so yes it will be able to run windows lol

      • Joe Ford

        No problems to restrict BIOS and deny OS change

      • It’s 64bit. Not x64. Same as with 32bit. It’s not x32 but x86

        • byran

          It is x64 because AMD64 (expansion of x86 architecture adding ability to handle 64 bit long values) and x86 because Intel 8086 (which was first successful processor which implemented original instruction set of x86 architecture).

          • It is still not x64. Give me a source of the name “x64”

          • byran

            I just did 😀

          • Well, a link to a trusted website would be nice. I decided, I will research something before I spread it because that’s how Apple users think megapixels are a measure for gpu performance 😉

  • KarembongKayas

    Hey! this news is just a hoax and based on techInAsia website, Xiaomi Communications Manager, Kaylene Hong, was says this is the fake! but thanks for the news anyway!

  • alakazam

    Competing with price is always retarded. It is the time for European Union and the US to ban importing this products. Seriously.

    • Dragos

      @alakazam : go to bed, you look tired … and buy from Apple an inferior product as performance, but at double or even triple the price, right?
      If people from Xiaomi is launching this product, we deduce that the real price of an Apple product is the same with those of the Xiaomi …

      It is interesting that US sales would have if they would allow to import …

  • Arnold

    That’s amazing! This would be an instant buy when it pops up. 😀

    This is what we need here, a laptop with an i7, 1080P resolution and 16GB of RAM. For the price of a cheap plastic laptop here in the west.

    Xiaomi just became my favorite brand, I will now buy their Routers, Phones (once my Nexus 5 needs replacing…), Tablets and… Laptops!

  • philtor

    With Linux? Definitely would buy one. Where do I sign up to get on the waiting list? Hoping this is real.

  • The Calm Critic

    I want to believe this I really do but realistically this doesn’t make sense at all. Not even Acer can put something like this out and yet they’re still Asia’s everywhere OEM today let alone Xiaomi? The only way for this to turn out real is for Quanta (laptop ODM for nearly every brand you know) to decide that this venture w/ Xiaomi is a lot better than writing off overruns.

  • amirexpressir

    I want it soon

  • Kanna

    Most Of People Thaught Xiaomi targeted to the Gaming users to use Intel 5Th generation i7 processor and Latest NVIDIA GTX Graphics 4 GB Card.1TB Normal HD with a affordabel price.

  • Andri P Manalu

    without GPU?