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Offer: Shop for free on GearBest via GizmoChina

by Joe 33

GearBest has offered our readers a sweet deal. Anyone who purchases from GearBest via GizmoChina will automatically enter into a contest where a lucky winner will get GearBest Coupons for the value of their purchase. So, if you have bought a Ulefone Be Pro or Elephone P6000 or any other gadget from GizmoChina, you will get free coupons for further purchases on GearBest.

The contest will run for a week and finally after a week, we will choose one lucky winner among the buyers and offer them coupons worth their purchase value. Remember that we can only track purchases made from our links.





Leave your order number at the comment section, we will choose one to send him up to $200 coupon of the amount he purchased. [NOTE:Remember that the maximum value of coupons that can be gifted to the user is $200 and the coupon will be sent after you recieved the things you bought.]

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  • Muhammad Yasir


  • W1501220947029210

    I hope I win , because I want to be the first to feel the Ulefone Be Pro in Indonesia

    • Frank Tu

      Hi, I can’t see your order number tracked at my side, did you click the ” Buy from here to get your order number tracked” button? If not please refund and click the button to buy again.

      • W1501221018421361 ,can you see this?

        • Joe

          Sorry, your order has not yet been tracked. We’ll let you know once it happens. It usually takes a few hours before we can see the order ID.
          If it doesn’t show up in the next 2-3 hours, we’ll contact you.

          • first i say sorry,do I have to pay in advance so that my order number appear ? because for the moment I do not have the money to buy ,

          • Joe

            Yes, unfortunately, you have to complete the order first. Then if you are selected as the winner, you will be repaid your money via GearBest coupons.

          • it turns out that way , I have not noticed, thanks and sorry for trouble

    • Frank Tu

      Or it takes some time for the order to get tracked at my side, just be sure you bought from the ” Buy from here to get your order number tracked” button.

    • BW

      Im in indonesia and I bought mine after reading frank’s review. So did GF in Moscow. I think using Frank’s coupon code. Gearbest has been very communicative and it may ship today. WP1501180433416740.

      Good eyes Frank spotting a winner and reviewing it first

  • julian

    W1501170428134665 or W1501220645038371 is ok? thank you. just the chance to pick goodies after you reviewed them!

    • Joe

      You second one is confirmed. The Order ID W1501170428134665 is yet to show up in our records. But I guess, it will take some time, so lets wait.

  • Aurelian

    Verify these WW1412291303539261 and WW1501190724502314 , please.

    • Joe

      Not yet, but we better wait. Will let you know once it shows up in our records.


      • Aurelian

        I think I understood wrong and they will automatically enter into contest those who order starting on January 22, 2015 isn’t it?My orders were made before this date.

        • Joe

          Yes, the contest started on January 22 i.e. yesterday. So, if your orders were before this date, then unfortunately, they won’t be registered in our database.

          Only orders made after the above date are eligible for the contest. I hope things are clear now 🙂

    • Joe

      We have not yet received your order number in our database. Don’t know why…
      I would suggest check whether these orders ID are correct and if they are.. check if you can cancel and place them using the link above..

  • Adrian


  • Ming06

    Still Processing 🙁

    • Ming06

      Now, I understood
      my order made Jan 12, 2015
      The contest started on January 22
      I will purchase the Elephone P6000
      when I try Coupon : EPCN, Price about $151.99 not $145.99
      Can I use the other coupon to buy it and still into this contest, isn’t it?

  • Djiph


    • Joe


  • W1412140915210467

  • hafiz abdur rehman


  • praveen


  • Александр Королев


  • Sebastian Nuñez

    W1501260423517868 can’t wait for it to arrive

  • James


    • Joe


  • Vagelis Minas


  • julian

    I got my ulefone yesterday. I posted something on review page. Thank you Joe. Whaitting the coupon:)