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OnePlus Two Will Most Likely Debut In July

by Joe 5

Oneplus has confirmed that the Oneplus Two is coming soon. In this regard, the company has started a number of online contests such as ‘PhotoMania 2015’ and ‘Your OnePlus Story’. While leaks have suggested a lot of things about the upcoming OnePlus Two flagship, Chinese Media revealed a few details about the phone earlier today.

oneplus two

The website reveals that OnePlus will keep a conference next month, i.e. July where it will unveil the new generation flagship. The source further adds that the company will continue with the low cost pricing with the new model, which will feature high-end specs.

Some of the possible specs include Snapdragon 810 with 3GB RAM, 13MP camera and 5.5-inch 1080p display, all for a price tag of just 1999 Yuan ($322). The source also says that there could be another smartphone launch before the end of the year with more powerful specs..

Unfortunately, the company has revealed very little about the upcoming OnePlus Two, so for now, we can’t be sure whether there will be two launches from the company this year. Anyways, stay tuned for more details.


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  • Jason45

    I guess they are waiting for the Snapdragon 820 just like Xiaomi. Xiaomi is rumored to release a phone at the end of the year with this chipset.

    • Yury

      yes, i think so too, waiting for snap820

  • Flip Jumpman

    Same specs but sd810. Better do better than that!

  • Korjing

    Uh better AVOID Snapdragon 810 at any cost coz all these chips confirmed got problem with heat.

    And wost still this shitty qualcomm still trying to cover it up from public LOL

    Sony mobile also got problem with this SnapDragon 810 chip.

    How long this qualcomm idiot think they can hide this from public with all those obvious proves ?

    What an asshole ! selling their chip so damn expensive and yet got problem. by right Qualcomm have to refund all their buyer.

    If Xiaomi start using this chip, then they are digging their own graveyard

    • Vladimir Nikolov

      AFAIK, One+2 would be using a 2.1 revision of the Snapdragon 810 CPU so the overheating and throttling should be fixed now.