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Snapdragon 620 Spotted On Benchmarking Website, Performance Is Quite Good

by Joe 67


While there’s no denying the fact that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 isn’t the best SoC from the company till date, to make up for the loss of reputation, the company is in desperate need of unveiling a power yet efficient chipset. We have heard that the Snapdragon 820 will make up with its performance, but it looks like the company is even improving its 600 series chipsets to a great level.


Earlier today, we came across the Snapdragon 620 chipset on a benchmarking website, revealing a few details about its performance. The MSM8952 chipset managed to score pretty good on both the single core as well as multi-core tests.  In fact, its scores were quite close to Snapdragon 810 which comes from an even better (800 series) chipset family.


The Snapdragon 620 is expected to come with Cortex A72 cores, which also explains the superb single core performance scores. The chip managed to get 1513 which is higher than both Exynos 7420 and Snapdragon 810. Even in the multi-core test, it out performs Snapdragon 810. However, it couldn’t beat Samsung’s Exynos 7420 in the multi-core test.


This looks like a prototype model which was running Android 5.1 Lollipop version with 3GB RAM on board. We hope that the Cortex A72 cores don’t heat up as much as the A57, to avoid issues similar to Snapdragon 810.

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Joel is the Editor-in-chief at GizmoChina. He loves technology and has been addicted to it since childhood. Apart from tech, he loves watching sci-fi / historical documentaries and traveling to new places.

You can reach out to him for anything at [email protected]

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  • Mostafa Wael

    Sounds like a kicking-ass midranger
    Quite promising 🙂

  • RH

    I’ve been quite happy with the snap400 in my mate2. Just a hint of lag when switching from portrait to landscape.

  • fast432

    F*** The 810, probably the 615 too. We got a new kid on tha block.

    • MSi_GS70

      Excuse me 615 too ?? Wth?

      • anees

        AFAIK, I’ve heard 615 also has heating issues…

        • MSi_GS70

          Omg that’s bad I just ordered phone with it..

  • player911

    I have the 808 I my G4 and 610 in my LG x8.3. Both run great. I have a 400 in my LG 7 and it is still a beast. Sucks the 810 was a bust with heat but they’ll learn their lesson and make the next gens nice and cool

  • Xdadevet

    Qualcomm looks like they’re making a comeback, maybe this is their custom Kryo cores they were said to be developing?

    • Teun

      They are expected to use the a72, so no custom core in this one.

      • Xdadevet

        I meant a custom core based on the A72. Like the Mongoose cores from Samsung

    • Cod3rror

      I don’t know if they can afford another mess up like Snapdragon 810, so it’s probably their own custom cores.

  • MSi_GS70

    And what do u think guys is SD 615 better too!?

    • Kan9al

      No, the QSD 615 sucks.
      Qualcomm made many chips for 2014-2015-2016 and most of them are crap. Two in particular are very bad chips, the first is the QSD 810 and the second is the QSD 615.

      However Qualcomm is making three good chips for 2015-2016;
      -the low-end QSD 610
      -the mid-range QSD 620
      -the high-end QSD 820 (yet to be analyzed)

      • MSi_GS70

        What is so bad on it?!?! and why 610 should be better ??

        • Kan9al

          The QSD 610 is good because it runs fine, and is aimed at the low-end. The QSD 610 is basically an updated QSD 400…. the very chip in Android Wear devices, and handsets like the sub-$100 720p phones like Moto G.

          The QSD 615 is basically a MediaTek competitor. They’re expecting to run A53 cores beyond their capacity, and running eight of them. Ofcourse, it causes stutters, lags, throttling, and overheating.

          The QSD 620 is a good mid-range soc, that’s competitive to the likes of the QSD 800/801/808. The QSD 808 itself is a lowly/mediocre high-end soc.

          So far nothing trumps the QSD 805, besides the Exynos 7420.

          • MSi_GS70

            So u wanna tell me that all these 33 phones I found (below photo) with 615 are crap??
            Xiai Mi 4i
            Galaxy A7
            Galaxy A8
            Asus Zenfone
            Lenovo vibe shot
            Oppo r5
            Lenovo x2 vibe Pro
            Zte blade S6 plus
            Zte Nubia z9
            Oppo r7 plus
            Vivo X5Pro
            And so on

          • Kan9al

            Never said the phones are crap, I said the SoC is crap for what it is. It’s a mid-range SoC which performs below expectation.

            I’m also having trouble understanding you, first you were criticizing the QSD 615 and now you’re defending it ??

          • MSi_GS70

            Well SoC on its own is useles is e?
            So you said it is crap so then all those phone will be overheating then according you!
            I was critisicing ??? Where show me where? Which post???Now u acusing ME I was critisicing ?? WTF man?!?!
            I have feeling that I catched you trolling about SD615
            Which u have no idea..

          • Kan9al

            Well, it depends now doesn’t it?

            And it does overheat. It’s not according to me, its according to many owners. Please see here:


            “And what you guys think the QSD 615 is better too” –that post implies that you think it is a bad/lackluster soc. Then when you followed up defending it, really confused me and any other reader.

            No, not trolling, not even close. I feel that you are though.

          • Kan9al

            (Mods deleting my comments for no reason)

            Well, it depends now doesn’t it?

            And it does overheat. It’s not according to me, its according to many owners. I will post some links for you to see.

            “And what you guys think the QSD 615 is better too” –that post implies that you think it is a bad/lackluster soc. Then when you followed up defending it, really confused me and any other reader.

            No, not trolling, not even close. I feel that you are though.

          • MSi_GS70

            No idea why deleted..
            Well it might overheat but only in games .. I hope it won’t overheat while calling ,smsing,interneting,or video,youtube..
            Am now frightened be ause I have ordered phone Vivo X5Pro which has 615!
            That is why am concerned.. it is not defending.. som component in phone..
            You made me worried..

          • Kan9al

            Ok, understood.
            Treat this like a MediaTek/Kirin SoC.

            General use is fine, it only throttles for benchmarks and intense Apps. Not as severely as the QSD 810, but enough to be observable. In fact, when its throttling it actually performs worse than the QSD 610, a cheaper SoC from the same company.

          • MSi_GS70

            Looks like you hate mediatek and kirin from brainwashed reason..
            These two SoCs are actually better than some SD as they saves lot of energy and battery..
            Personaly I own kirin phone which is Huawei mate7 and if u never hold it in hands and using it u defo cannot judge.
            It is one of the fastest phones I ever used!
            And I even tried games without any problem
            Never overheats only gets warm like any other smartphones…
            You saying only SD is good because it is famous company..but it isn’t..
            Best for me is kirin then mediatek.
            Looks at the poor A chip in apple! You ha e NO IDEA how extremely overheats and I only browse Internet on 4G or sometimes 3G it is like in fire! This NEVER happened with my mate7!
            Iphone 5/5s 6/6P overheats as HE’LL!
            So that OK??
            That is fine just because it is almighty iiphoonee??
            Please don’t be naive..

          • Oh boy.
            You are so naive, I am NOT biased in any way.
            Let me re-iterate that for you, I am NOT biased.

            There are some decent chips from MediaTek and Huawei, I’ve never denied that. However, it is NOT a good idea for a >>mobile<< chipset to overclock chips beyond their recommended frequencies, or just stack lots of them on each other.

            An octo-core Cortex A53 running at 2GHz is NOT going to be competitive against the likes of Exynos, Snapdragon, Tegra… or even Intel Atom SoC's.

            I don't think these companies make better SoC's because they are better companies. I KNOW they make better SoC's because, they use better technology (better cores, smaller fabrication, faster RAM, better thread management, etc etc).

            The Apple A7/A8 cores are actually surprisingly good.
            I don't understand why YOU are biased against these reputable companies. They offer decent BANG for BUCK, a la; Yuphoria, Zenfone 2, OnePlus One, Nexus 5, etc etc.

            The iPhone has many disadvantages.
            However, I am not naive. It has many unique strengths.
            And as an Android Fanboy, I can confidently say it is one of the best phones money can buy.

          • Kan9al

            By the way, MediaTek are running an illegal business. They are not allowed to sell devices outside Asia. As soon as they do, their devices will be blocked from selling and they will be taken to court.
            Why you ask?
            It is because they take/copy innovations from other companies, and they don’t license or pay royalties. On top of this, they don’t give drivers or source codes to OEMs, developers, or individuals. This leads to many MediaTek devices with bugs and no hope of fixes, or future software updates that bring forth bugs. And it also means No AOSP or custom roms. It’s just a failure no matter which way you look at it.

            However, their chips aren’t really that bad.
            If they would only open up their drivers, sources, and documentation…. they wouldn’t be so hated by the community.

            Huawei is better, but they are much smaller in force compared to MediaTek, and they also have much ways to go. Still, we might get a Huawei Nexus that uses a Kirin SoC… so they could collaborate with Google and learn how to make a good flagship that doesn’t break law or contradict patents.

          • MSi_GS70

            Illegal ?? Hahahahahahaah this was funniest post and funniest state I ever heard aaaa hahahaha man just STOP typing .. you are the biggest USA (I BET u from USA :DD) TROLL I ever met on discuss..
            I am gonna share your post :DDDD

          • Kan9al

            You are a troll.

            If you knew anything about the market you would know what I wrote is not inflammatory, it is a fact. And if you see my Profile (which is Public, not Private like yours) you will see my location.

            Sharing my post will only make you look like a fool.

          • MSi_GS70

            oh it just turned out that I am not gonna have SD615 crap in mobile 🙂 yes it is crap
            Instead I will be having Mediatek 6752 which outperforms 615 like piss

          • Kan9al

            I hope you enjoy your device, what ever it may be.

          • MSi_GS70

            Yes it is Vivo X5Pro with awesome design insufficient performance and price just £270
            SEE YA
            GOOD BYE

          • Au revoir, larbin.

          • Kan9al

            Please refer to this brief article about the matter:

            w w w .xda-developers . c o m /have-you-paid-your-linux-kernel-source-license-fee/

          • MSi_GS70

            But Huawei pays it !! otherwise they wouldn’t open shop for Huawei P8 lite few weeks + Huawei Honor 6 Plus is now avail in UK 3store !

          • Kan9al

            Which is what I wrote about. MediaTek devices are banned, but most Kirin devices are not. However, some Kirin (aka Huawei) devices are also breaking the law.

            Can you comprehend what I’ve been trying to tell you??

          • MSi_GS70

            Originally you tied to convince me that SD is better than MT

          • Kan9al

            You’re an idiot who cannot read.

            I wasn’t convincing you, I have no affiliation to Qualcomm. However, if you are a smart shopper you would refrain from MediaTek devices for more stable, more up-to-date, and longer supported devices.

            It is you who has been trying to convince me to buy a Huawei or MediaTek device.

          • MSi_GS70

            Loko here best 5 smartphones using mediatek ..
            So acoording you tey are going to be banned RIGHT ? Including sony and htc

          • Kan9al

            Firstly, it is “Loco”. Secondly, you are a bad troll.
            Thirdly, learn better English grammar.
            Forthly, what defines “best” ???

            To YOU the best smartphones are the ones running Kirin and MediaTek. That is YOUR definition.

            To me, a phone is a tool with many different applications. And some tools are better than others when it comes to the task. I don’t factor in the price, because that is about “bang-for-buck”.

            Please show me a SONY or a HTC phone which has a Kirin SoC, or a MediaTek SoC, and is selling in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, NZ.

          • MSi_GS70

            1stly u are biggest troll
            obviously has nothing to do acoording over 3500 posts .. what ? sitting bhind pc only ?? u great !

          • Kan9al

            It’s actually over 10,000 posts, and I’ve done some articles too.
            If I was a troll, many readers before you would’ve said the same thing. Though they haven’t. You are one of the first to label me a troll.
            Do you also tell your teacher, that they are a troll??

            There’s nothing wrong with sitting behind a PC, I enjoy it very much thank you. I also enjoying doing MMA, since I have an active body and mind.

            So congrats are in order for me : )

          • MSi_GS70

            It’s bcos they won’t bother with you like I with you ..
            They think like omg troll am leaving.
            But I change ppl like you to convert to not be a troll

          • pravinpatil41

            Your knowledge seems to be quite deep man. Do you work for a SoC manufacturer?

          • xanxaz

            sony e4

          • MSi_GS70

            I had 3 phones in past with ediatek and never been banned ? 🙂

          • Kan9al

            Why would you be banned? Did you do something illegal. Oh, you mean the device.

            You bought those devices from the grey market, which is understandable.

            That purchase didnt part tax to your country, so its not legal in the strictest sense either.

            If you would like to learn something else from me, do ask.

          • MSi_GS70

            It is hard to understand you .. first u saying they will be banned and now they don’t so when they will be banned (phones which contains mediatek chip)

          • Kan9al

            They are not banned, because they’ve never been for sale in the Western world. And when they do, the law stipulates that the prosecutors must make a claim.

            You obviously don’t know how the system runs, so you’re only degrading your image when you talk like that you do.

            Even I’m not an expert at everything, so I only try to tell the things that I do know about.

            So do me a favour and show me a phone advertised and actively selling in the Western World that sports a MediaTek SoC.

          • MSi_GS70

            and why they never been selling there ?? think u naive child .. All this is jus ON PURPOSE ! bcos western is crapping shting pants that somone else cheaper comes and ppl would buy rather that !
            Waht u think they selling in pathetic usa?? just iphone and yeah they ”OK” we allow saamsuung to be here and that’s enough ..
            wake up man u have no idea what or how busienss POLITICS are in real life !

          • Kan9al

            Lol you are funny because you are literally the lamest troll I’ve witnessed.

            You think MediaTek is out of the USA market on purpose??
            You think they purposely deny themselves more sales??
            You think they deny themselves more money??

            Grow up.

          • MSi_GS70

            usa companies ar crap
            and STOP replying !

          • Kan9al

            MediaTek found:
            “Eastern Countries/Third-World Countries”
            China, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa and South American countries.

            MediaTek found but at-risk / Grey-zones:
            “Neighboring Third-World Countries”
            India, Mexico, Russia, and some South American countries.

            MediaTek banned:
            “Western Countries”
            Europe, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zeland, South Africa.

            That is as simple as it gets.

          • MSi_GS70

            it is all about business you troll u STILL didn’t get it ???
            that crap SD is looser bcos can’t play fair game all crappy manufs. from USA cannot play fair intel, apple , nvidia ,google , sd ,they just want to be monopoly .. and qualcom is pissed of from samsungs exynos..
            you ar little child have no idea how business works..
            All this banning sht is because of jealousy !!!
            Ans stop writing to me ! go trolling somewhere else .. kiddo

          • Kan9al

            If I was Qualcomm, I’d want a monopoly. If I was Apple, I’d want a monopoly. If I was Samsung, I’d want a monopoly.

            Guess what MediaTek wants??


            That’s how a business works.
            You are an idiot to think any different.
            You need a lesson in this, and I do not.

            I’m only responding to your trolling because its amusing me.

          • MSi_GS70

            No you are idiot there are ppl who wants fairness! Don’t u think ?
            And ypu need lesson kid don’t vorry I passed so many lessons so I can teach you..

          • Kan9al

            http:// . c o m /news-analysis/delhi-hc-allows-xiaomi-to-send-back-over-100-000-banned-redmi-note-handsets-from-india-269279.html

            See this for more understanding. Or just continue trolling, I’m happy with either choice.

          • MSi_GS70

            OOOh f**k ooo fyou your pathetic word ”trollin”
            u found ONLY one in the world ..

            Who is troller is u !!! really over 3500 posts ??
            WFT u doing just sitting bhnd pc ??
            Sad boy
            GTH with your sht .. nobody is interested..

          • Kan9al

            English. You need to improve it.

            Right now it feels like you’re one of those Xbox360eliteCallofDuty kids that’s 10 years old and has a twisted sense of entitlement.

            Why can’t you address any of the facts and issues I present to you?
            Why do you resort to name calling?
            (name calling is for the weak, be strong and argue with facts)

          • MSi_GS70

            What xbox? That crap I dont play stupid games on consoles ..
            I only sometimes very rare play on mine laptop ..
            Namecalling bcos you like woman..arguing never stop so from anger I usualy say to gf “oooh shut it” know how it is in life.. don’t tell me you haven’t been angry an never said something like that..
            No ,no need english iprovement ..
            I have disabled autocorrection on mobile and I type quickly

          • MSi_GS70

            For me Kirin SoC is best look at epic fail SD 810 setting in fire almost!
            Iphone good? How it can be good when it overheats that I cant hold it in ??? + battery needsto be charged twice a day! This is good ??
            You going against your claim naively.
            Looks like you supporting what is only made in USA ..
            If Kirin would be USA based you would support that ..
            Think you naive kiddo..cant help it..

          • Kan9al

            For you Kirin is best, because you love Huawei as a company.
            If Huawei sold a potato as a phone, you would buy it.
            Me, I care about the product, not the brand.
            I haven’t contradicted myself yet, as can be seen in my posts.
            So no, I am not naive, I am well-educated.
            No I’m not from the US, nor do I have a fondness for any nationalities.

            I don’t know why you say that I think nVidia is the best, because I don’t. Or against Huawei. Or against anything.

            You better start reading everything I wrote from the start to the end, and read carefully. You are NOT understanding properly.

            AMD had a mobile division which focused on ARM-based chips with advanced mobile gpu’s which was good. It was called Imageon, but AMD fell on hard times and didn’t believe success in the mobile sector so they sold it. It was acquired by none other than Qualcomm, so yes, Adreno GPU’s are based on technology that began from ATi/AMD.

            nVidia was the first in the market to Cortex A9, and were fairly quick and cheap to the market. Thus, the Tegra 2 obtained a great lead on its competitors. And they quickly followed on this with the Tegra 3, however, Samsung decided to use their own in-house Exynos chips which were better. And Apple decided to use their in-house chips too. And since the marketshare was weak, split mostly between Samsung and Apple, nVidia lost quite the appeal. And before the troubled Tegra 4 could launch, Qualcomm let loose their new Snapdragon chips which blew away the competition.

            So what is the point of all of this?
            It’s that this is less about technology and more about business.

          • Kan9al

            I thought you might like this.
            Here is the performance tiers of processors:

            1: QSD 200 < QSD 210< QSD 400 < QSD 410 < QSD 415 < QSD 425 < QSD 610
            2: QSD S4 Plus < QSD 615 < QSD 602 < Tegra 4 < QSD S4 Pro < QSD 600 < QSD 618 < QSD 620
            3: Xbox 360* ~ Apple A7 < QSD 800 < QSD 810 < Apple A8 < QSD 801 < Atom Z3580 < Atom X3
            4: QSD 808 < Exynos 5433 < QSD 805 < Tegra K1 < Atom X5
            5: Exynos 7420 < Apple A8X
            6: Tegra X1 < Atom X7 < Core M < Dual-Core i3 ~ Wii U*

            Tier 7 (2160p): Dual-Core i5 ULV < Dual-Core i7 ULV (Intel HD6000)
            Tier 8 (2160p): Dual-Core i7 Laptop (Intel Iris 6100)
            Tier 9 (2160p): Dual-Core i7 Laptop (nVidia GTX 860M) < Dual-Core i7 Power-Laptop (nVidia GTX 965M) ~ PS4*
            Tier 10 (2160p): Quad-Core i7 Desktop (nVidia GTX 965M) < Quad-Core i7 Desktop (nVidia GTX Titan X)
            Tier 11 (2160p): Quad-Core i7 Gaming Desktop (nVidia GTX 980-SLI)
            Tier 12: (2160p): Hexa-Core i7-Xeon Power-Desktop (nVidia Titan X-SLI)
            Tier 13: (2160p): Latest ARM Server < Latest AMD Server < Latest Intel Server


  • From your mention below.
    “Even in the multi-core test, it out performs Snapdragon 810. However, it couldn’t beat Samsung’s Exynos 7420 in the multi-core test.”

    I don’t see SD 620 out performs SD 810 in multi-core test. Why would you said that?

    • Juan Carlos Alpizar Chinchilla

      Because some devices like the M9, the Z3+ and even the LG G4 (which was obvious for having an 808), are on the 3k – 4k range on multicore in geekbench. Actually this Mi Note Pro is the only Snapdragon 810 device I see going over 4k

    • MSi_GS70

      You can’t go judging according some nonsense useless benchmark .. benchmarks takes few minutes and you starts test when device is idle ,calm so no throttling is involved because of short time .. but when u will be using SD crap it will start throttle because of overheat and drastically will slow down while 620 will be running nicely smooth without any throttling .. THIS is the REAL test ..
      Start doing your useless benchmarks for 2 or 3 hours without stopping and u will see how crappy low results will you get !

  • Pradyoth P

    It’s clock speed is 0mhz ??? Seriously ??

  • SD 620 or SD 810? which one is Best?

  • Steven Fox

    Looks like the A72 core will be worth the wait.