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Giztop Is Now The Official Partner Shop Of GizmoChina

by Joe 18

Giztop, the e-commerce site specializing in high-end smartphone and accessory sales is now the official partner of GizmoChina. So, from now onwards, we will strive to bring the best deals and offers to our customers from our partner shop.


Giztop has all the major flagships from China listed on its website. So, if you are looking to purchase any new flagship device such as the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro or the Honor 7, you can buy it directly from this shop without any worries. What’s more buyers from Europe no longer have to pay any customs taxes on the products bought from Giztop as they promised. You also get free expedited shipping for phones bought from the site.
Moreover, you can purchase these devices without fear because they have a repairing center in Europe too. This means that in case you come across some problems with your device, you can send it to the European repair center instead of sending it all the way to China. This saves a lot of time as well as money for both the buyer and the sender, which we feel is an added advantage.

giztop deals

Giztop will also be offering a number of deals on famous flagship smartphones in the coming weeks, which means you can take advantage of the best prices on the hottest products. Just check out their deals page for the updated offers on the latest products.
Also, as of now, the shop is offering $10 OFF on all its products sitewide for our readers. Just use the coupon: GIZM10. You can check out your favorite Chinese smartphones on the site.

We are sure with this partnership, our readers will benefit to a great extent.


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  • princerohith

    What about INDIA, we have so many hardcore fans here in INDIA for chinese smartphones. Do something for us tooo gizmochina.

    • Giztop can ship to India, but as I known, your country customs is very strict and slow, the phones only can be shipped via DHL, so India buyer maybe need pay the customs tax.

      • princerohith

        There is no problem paying customs , but before that after my order has shipped out , you have to provide the airwaybill number of DHL for my order to clear our customs through DHL .Do you provide it.

        • Linus

          yes, airway bills are always provided when using DHL 🙂

          • princerohith

            Wow hoping the customer care at giztop will be work with same speed for answering and helping the customers like you replied today. Willing to be your customer asap. Thank you.

          • Linus

            Thanks. Great!

          • Steven

            I wish to order the Letv Le 1s on giztop, the free shipping to Germany is customs free Linus yeah?

          • Ravi

            U will be taxed at 40% of the market value by customs department. The only way to avoid paying duty is to not accept the product.

          • princerohith

            I have never paid 40% taxes for anything , upto now i have nt bought any mobiles from international sites but bought goggles, shoes electronics and bodybuilding supplements from some international websites. I never taxed more than 22% anytime, sometimes my items were taxed nothing also. And may b you are rite ravi our customs dont know what they do n how they will do it. I have come across so many for the same item from same international seller taxes collected are different. but even my friends never paid more than 25%. Lets see how my luck works in future 🙂

      • Bogdan Botezatu

        I have tried to make an order but I couldn’t. Is there a problem with your paypal account? I have received this message: ” We’re sorry, but we can’t send your payment right now”?

  • Venci

    nice !

  • Bulent

    nice, i’m looking to a phone which supports 4g 800MHz band any idea?

  • Sam

    Hi, I am very interested to buy one XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 2.

    Free shipping and VAT includes to Europe (Italy), it’s secure to 100% ?

    If I had to pay taxes and VAT at customs, GIZTOP reimbursed the total amount?

    Best regards.

  • King

    has anyone bought any phone in from giztop to india

  • King

    please reply
    it is of urgent matter

  • Husca Sergiu Gabriel

    Does anyone have problem with phones buyed from GIZTOP?
    I receive yesterday a DOA XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 3,

    • Hi, don’t worry about it, please contact Giztop via this email: [email protected]

      • Husca Sergiu Gabriel

        I contact them, they told me to let the phone all day to charge, but the phone doesn’t show any sign of life.They haven’t a european service center.I must to send it to China.The policy of the company is that i receive another phone or my money back after they receive the faulty phone.I propose them to sent the phone, and to send him tracking number, picture of the box and a copy of postal service billing, and they to send me another phone or to give me my money back, but is imposible.I’m a honest man, and now i stay with a faulty phone in my hands and i must to wait another month for the money or for other phone…