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Don’t Like bezels? Take A Look at the Transparent Screen Phone From ZUK

by Joe 14

When established smartphone makers are obsessed about reducing the bezels on its flagships to a bare minimum, ZUK is apparently taking things to a whole new level. Just towards the end of the conference on Aug 11, where ZUK announced its first smartphone, the ZUK Z1, the company reportedly showcased an interesting prototype.

ZUK transparent screen phone 05

A transparent screen smartphone was showcased at the experience section. As you can see in the picture above, the transparent screen phone is no gimmick. The phone does exist and it looks like ZUK has the tech to make such an advanced device.

ZUK transparent screen phone 04

The phone was displayed on the stand and it is said the device can perform all the functions as a traditional smartphone. For example, it can display images, make phone calls, play music etc. In fact, as you can see in one of the image, the photo displayed was quite clear despite the transparent screen.

Of course, let me remind you that this is just a prototype device and don’t expect a retail launch at least in the next one year. Its not going to be easy to manufacture transparent phones on a mass scale, at least right now. So, it may take a while until the market starts seeing transparent screen smartphones.

Still, it good to see there is a working prototype. And from what we can see in the images, the phone definitely looks advanced.

So, what do you think? Are transparent screen phones the future?

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  • Paul Sleight

    Presumably it has a transparent battery behind it! 😀

    • Muhammad Yasir

      dont think so , old friend … i think it was plugged into somekinda power source thru its bottom …

      • Cpaun

        For sure.

      • Paul Sleight

        Ouch! :-$

        • Muhammad Yasir


          • Paul Sleight

            into somekinda power source thru its bottom … Ooooh – err missus!

          • Muhammad Yasir

            missus ?

      • ClearlyYoureWrong


  • DeMichaelis

    and where is the hardware (battery, soc, board, keys,…)
    look, the processor is in the box 😀

    • Paul Sleight

      Ahhhhhhhhhh, that’s not the box, that’s the bottom bezel… got the 10 000 000 mAh battery in it as well!

  • Venci

    I like it but its transperant display, not phone :S

  • Muhammad Yasir

    gonna cost y’all morons about 1000$ each :’D !!!

  • hman

    Can’t wait to watch porn on the train with this thing

  • kinky

    In order to show off this transparent phone, you gotta carry the big trunk (aka cradle), or else people would think you’re carrying a lab-grade glass slab. :-b Where’s the portability of this mobile phone? Not impressed.