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UPDATE GETONE APP now safe to use

by shanos 6

UPDATE 06/09/2015- Getone have stood by their word and have fixed the backdoor issue the new version is 1.0.13 has passed the virustotal test, the new version is 1.0.13

Check out the results

And let me know how you get on and what bargains you purchase.


UPDATE 04/09/2015- I have just spoken to one of the other Gizmochina editors, he has spoken with the getone team, as he knows them and has vouched for their credibility.

They are aware of the issue with the app and are currently working to sort out the issue, I will update the article as soon as it is sorted, I really hope that they can get it sorted quickly and that no one is affected by the backdoors in the original app.

If they do get it sorted it would be amazing to get some bargains at just $9.99



There is a new app doing the rounds that is said to be made by a Shenzhen based Chinese start-up, that has teamed up with 3000 China based manufacturers.

The getone app is supposed to give you access to a store that sells around 200,000 products, the big USP for the site is that everything they sell, no matter how high the normal price should be, must be sold at $9.99

Sounds amazing? want to get the getone app download links? well its worth holding out for a while as the apps are being reported as backdoor trojans!

The first comment in the Google  playstore is this ‘Kaspersky reports backdoor! Kaspersky Internet security reports threat detected: HEUR: Backdoor.AndroidOS.Seldor.a’

If you head over to and check out the getone app it makes for pretty grim reading! and truly makes the old saying ring true…

If something seems to good to be true, it probably is.

I will keep you updated if things change but for now, do not use the App it could end up costing a lot more then $9.99

Please feel free to leave comments below

Regards Shanos

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  • PaulBV

    It seemed to good to be true 🙁

  • Bility

    Hi Shanos, I did install this app but immediately uninstall in few minutes after. Am I too late? Has the damage been done to my phone?

  • eliHd

    probably. You probably better canceling your debit card if it linked to your Google play acc and change your password.

  • crappkid

    Hm. Why is one of the most popular china phone websites promoting this app then? That site just lost a lot of credibility…

  • I have just spoken with Shine (another Editor here), he knows the team behind getone and has advised that they are sorting out the issue with the app.
    It would appear that it was probably developed by a third party and the backdoors inserted by them.
    Fingers crossed they will get it right next time and no one will be hit with fraud problems from using the existing app.
    I will update the article again once a new app is ready and has been checked.

  • Hello, we are Getone developers:

    Sorry for the situation like this. We have correct this problem, all you need to do is to update to the newest version. No malicious file at all. Click the link below to see the test result.

    This app is not malware. It is totally clean, everything in the app is 100% real. No pop ads. No back door.

    The reason might be this app just entered the app store and google store, it is normal to say it is malware. Our engineer team is looking into this problem. A new idea can bring a lot of change, this is the change benefit you.

    We guaranteed all the transition in this website is safe and secure, we won’t steal any password information from our customer.

    We will continually deliver $9.99 deal every day, all be latest news can be seen in our Official Facebook webpage:

    Have a great day.