Ado Mate 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review – Awesome Tiny Speaker!

by Linus 0

We wanted to say thank you for for sending this Bluetooth speaker for a review!

Ado Mate 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: VIDEO

Ado Mate 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: UNBOXING

This little device comes in a nice looking box and all you are getting is the USB charging cable and some documentation.

Ado Mate 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: DESIGN

The very first thing you’re going to see is that the speaker is very tiny and lightweight. It is 5cm long and 5cm wide, and it weighs just 115g despite the fact that it has a huge 1800mAh battery.
The speaker is very well made and it has a rubberised plastic finish. It can be charged via the micro USB port and the battery is said to last up to 20 hours, which is amazing. During my testing I could achieve around 15-16 hours, which is really incredible for a speaker of this size.
The only button this device has is the power switch, which also acts as a play/pause button and it has a blue backlight.
On the top is the 4W speaker grill along with the NFC for a super fast pairing and on the bottom there is a silicone padding to prevent the speaker from sliding.
Overall, the speaker has a great build quality and design, and it is so compact that it can fit even in the pocket.

Ado Mate 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: PAIRING

Pairing the Ado Mate 3 is super easy as the pairing mode turns on automatically once you power on the device.

Ado Mate 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: SOUND QUALITY and VOLUME OUTPUT

You will be blown away how loud this thing is and the sound quality is very good considering the size of the speaker. Also, there are no crackling noises even at the highest volume settings. Overall, I am very impressed with it.

Ado Mate 3 Bluetooth Speaker Review: CONCLUSIONS

I was really impressed by the Ado Mate 3 Bluetooth speaker and it is hard not to recommend it. You can get it for as low as $16 and I will leave a link in the description below this video. You will get a very portable, lightweight speaker, which has a great build, design and it has a great sound quality. Finally, you will be literally blown away how loud it is and the battery just lasts forever.