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Xiaomi Mi 5 Will Use Snapdragon 820 Asserts Kevin Wang From IHS

by Joe 2

A couple of days back, we heard that there were some issues between Xiaomi and Qualcomm regarding royalties. This sparked speculations that Xiaomi may switch to Mediatek for its upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship. However, earlier today, Kevin Wang from iSuppli stressed that Xiaomi will stick with Qualcomm for its new release and that the Mi 5 will feature none other than Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU.


The speculations about trouble between Xiaomi and Qualcomm increased when Zhu Shan-gzu, the COO of Mediatek said in an interview that Xiaomi refused to pay royalties to Qualcomm, due to which the company’s profits for the quarter were down.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Snapdragon 820 kevin wang

However, Kevin Wang said on his official Weibo page that Xiaomi’s relationship with Qualcomm is still very close. This chip maker was one of the first investors in Xiaomi and ever since had a close relationship with each other. All the major smartphones released by Xiaomi have been powered by Qualcomm. Plus, a couple of months ago, Xiaomi hired former Qualcomm China’s President Wang Xiang.

Kevin asserted that Xiaomi has no 3G or 4G patents. So, there’s no way that Xiaomi has defaulted on Qualcomm’s royalties. Finally, he states that Xiaomi Mi 5 will surely be powered by Snapdragon 820 CPU from Qualcomm.

Well, Kevin Wang is the IHS Research Director of China and if he says that the Mi 5 will feature Snapdragon 820, then it most likely will! So, now that we are kind of sure of the chip, we just have to see when we will meet this new flagship from Xiaomi. Expected launch is in December, but we need an official confirmation from the company to be sure.

Meanwhile, a smartphone named Xiaomi Gemini was recently spotted on Geekbench, which could be the Mi 5 flagship. You can read more about that from here.




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  • Roberto Tomás

    the comedy of the two major news stories today about xiaomi is that, at the same time you have:

    this one, that xiaomi must/will use snapdragon 820 (the article here even makes it look exclusive, like “it will ONLY use the 820”).

    and the recent Xiaomi Gemini prototype phone that landed in Geekbench, clearly showing that the phone uses the helio X20 and not the snapdragon 820… at least that prototype does. — the problem with that is that Gemini is nearly certainly the name of the codename for the Mi 5, as previously they used other zodiac names like “Cancro” (Cancer, for the Mi 4), and “Pisces” (for the Mi 3).

    it seems very likely to me that Xiaomi will find itself doing what Samsung does, running some releases with QC and some with .. in their case MTK. For the Mi 5, I imagine the US, probably India, and maybe other places like Europe will get the 820, while China, SEA, the Americas (exlcuding the US), etc, will get the X20.

  • Wolvie

    Problem with Mediatek,

    1) Their Android somehow buggy and not power efficient.
    Mediatek hardware itself is very powerful but their software development is not done properly as qualcomm.

    It is like you buy a ferrari but the setting inside the engine following KIA Picanto LOL.

    2) Mediatek never ever release their Android GPL source code , this is a big problem as independent community developers cannot help to fix the bugs on their android OS/driver.

    Problem with Qualcomm
    1) Qualcomm chips normally are more expensive compare to mediatek. So devices with highend qualcomm chips got a tendency to be very expensive, not for average buyers.

    2) Overheat problem with their 810. Their 810 buyers got burned with crippled throttle down 810. So i think now they will be more careful buying Snapdragon products. But again some people as just plain ignorants.

    So the best situation is Mediatek release their GPL android, I am sure all those buyers that understand technology will not hesitate to buy as support from cyanogen community, etc will be huge compare to their in-house programmer.