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Letv Le 1s Unboxing and First Impressions

by Linus 13

It seems that Letv has just announced their trio of “Le Superphones” but we already have the Letv Le 1s – the successor of the cheapest device from the company’s portfolio. A lot of things have change, some remained the same. Find out more in our unboxing and first impressions article.
Thanks to Giztop for sending Letv Le 1s for a review. 

Letv Le 1s: UNBOXING

IMG_5630 IMG_5631
Letv Le 1s comes in a box, which has some design inspirations from Apple. However, it does not look that premium as the first generation Letv phones.
Still, the contents are very well made and they include a fast charging brick (up to 2.7A), USB Type-C cable, documentation and a fancy SIM ejector pin.

Letv Le 1s: DESIGN

Letv Le 1s
Letv Le 1s
When it comes to the design, we are looking at all-metal phone, which is an upgrade over the previous generation Le 1 model. The device definitely looks and feels like a high-end phone due to a very good construction and some quality materials.
Letv Le 1s
As the majority of the Letv smartphones, the Le 1s comes with a 5.5″ display, which has become a standard nowadays.
Letv Le 1s
On the top we have a 5MP selfie snapper, earpiece and LED notification light. On the bottom, there are 3 nicely backlit capacitive buttons.
Letv Le 1s
Letv Le 1s
On the back there a 13MP main shooter with a single LED flash and right underneath it you can find a fingerprint scanner, which works very well and setting it up is a breeze.
Letv Le 1s
Letv Le 1s
USB Type-C port takes care of charging/syncing and it sits next to the speaker grill and the mic.
Letv Le 1s



Overall, Letv Le 1s is well built metal phone and it sits comfortable in the hand. As I just wrote in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 first impressions article, I am very happy about the evolution of budget smartphones – premium looks and great specs for affordable price.
I am familiar with the LeUI, which comes with the Letv phones and the Le 1s is no exception. Everything is running smoothly, apps are opening/closing fast and there are no major hiccups during the daily use. However, I am keeping a final judgment for a full review.
All in all, my first impressions are only positive at this stage. Still, it’s been just a day I’ve been playing with the Le 1s (as well as the Redmi Note 3) and there are many aspects that require a thorough testing. Stay tuned to Gizmochina for upcoming full review.
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  • jimberkas

    seems to me it got pretty terrible camera review at gizchina.
    i had high hopes for this thing, but its falling quickly. guess i’ll stick with my LG G2 awhile longer. hoping that LeTV, Xiaomi, or Zuk all release a US version phone in 2016…

    • afghanPower

      You don’t happen to know if Andi runs both websites? Seems to me like they are artificial “competition”.

      • How did you come up with this idea?…. Absolutely not.

        • afghanPower

          Your website and Gizchina looks like clones. Also you very often have hand on videos and reviews right after Gizchina has already done them. You both have stores that are obviously not run by you, but rather a third party sponsor.

          • Yeah, the websites look similar since they are built on the same website platforms. It doesn’t happen every time but there were a lot of reviews that we made much earlier than Gizchina. Also, I am making full video reviews (if you have ever seen one), which takes a lot more time than just hands-on video, so that may be a delay. Finally, I’m not really sure why do you care about it. We work the best we can to provide the readers reviews and news, so they are best informed about the latest Chinese tech 🙂 Cheers

    • littletime

      That surprised me as all early reviews of this have been positive. So I looked; There is no review yet at Gizchina that I can see? I’m looking forward to Linus’ review though.

      • jimberkas

        google” gizchina letv camera shootout”
        i posted the link but it got removed

  • Tadej

    I see that it has installed App Draw, is that a different ROM or only rooti?

    • it is an international ROM. I will test the phone with both – this and the Chinese ROM.

  • Birbrata Roy

    thanks for great review 🙂 any information when launch in India???

    • you are welcome. Not yet 🙂

  • littletime

    Thanks. Looking forward to the full reviews and comparisons.