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Xiaomi MI Max Benchmark Scores Leaked, Could Be A Custom Processor

by Jitendra Soni 11

The news that Xiaomi seems to have been discreetly developing its own processor has been doing rounds for some time. The question, however, is, will the first processor they develop be a high-end processor?

Mi Max benchmark scores

As per the sources, Mi developed processor codenamed Rifle, is ready and may be used in the upcoming device, Max. A benchmark leak also confirmed the same and the benchmark score of the device is also above 110,000.

This contradicts the earlier leaks, which stated that the first in-house developed processor from Mi, will be with low-end specifications and will be used in Redmi series.

However, Mobile China Alliance (MCA) Secretary-General, Lao Yao, recently said that Mi Max won’t be using this chipset. Also, if the other leaks are to be believed, Mi is still using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor in Mi Max and it will be a full metal 6.4” phablet, with Mi logo and fingerprint scanner located at the back. It may come with a 4GB ram and may be priced at 3000+ RMB ($462).

Mi Max - 1

We also have another leak from GFXBench that confirms other specifications listed above but mentions a Qualcomm Hexa-Core processor clocked at 1.8 GHz coupled with Adreno 510 GPU and 2 GB ram along with 16 GB internal memory.

We should not be surprised if the largest phone in Mi history, Mi Max, gets released next month itself. We, definitely, are looking forward to this launch, are you ?

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  • napoleonic sp007rz

    gambling with unproven soc is going to kill this phone :-/

    • balcobomber25

      Most likely it is still a SD820. If Xiaomi does have it’s own SoC in the works (I am not entirely sold on those rumors) I think it will appear in a Redmi phone.

      • Shashank

        i dont think so sd620 with just 2 gb ram could be sd 625 or 652

        • balcobomber25

          I don’t really believe this alleged leak is the Mi Max. I can’t see them only putting 2GB of Ram in a new Mi Phone.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    can u give MOAR details about this OTHEr leak with the Hexacore Qualcomm cpu ?

  • ScottyJavea

    I will be interested in the Max only if it has the 820, 4GB RAM, QHD and minimum 64 GB storage.

    • Karly Johnston

      If the battery is only 3000mah forget it.

      • Anderson Casotti

        I am with you

      • ScottyJavea


        My current phablet, the 6.8 inch Huawei P8Max has a 3.63 Ahr battery which gives around 2 days on standby and 10 hours video.
        So, this capacity would be OK, bearing in mind that QHD would take more power that my current FHD..


        • Karly Johnston

          It has the same battery as my 5 inch Mi4c that i wouldn’t want with less battery life and it will be significantly less then what im getting.

  • Wolvie

    I do hope this Mi max is using SD652. Don’t get me wrong, i love SD820 but looking at mi5 that using SD820 then the price will be very expensive (not affordable for me).

    So yeah i do hope the pricing is sub $200 then i will buy this max instead of Redmi note 3 pro.
    My eyes getting older and weaker, HD or FHD is more than enough, more than that is impossible again for me to see literally. I tried latest surface pro before, and seriously cannot see the screen as it was too small for my eyes to see clearly

    As for battery, i prefer bigger battery. The bigger the better. Phone become thicker is perfectly ok. Casing look is not important for me. Function and durability is much more important for me.

    16 GB is really small, at least 32 GB is good. MicroSD is much better if have.