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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to come with 6 GB RAM, Snapdragon 823

by Jitendra Soni 4

Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge have been successful phones this year, much to the envy of their competitors. Samsung does not want to let this opportunity go waste. Thus, the Note 6 becomes a highly anticipated product.

Off late there have been a lot of rumours about Samsung Note 6, doing rounds. If we go by them, then this phone is supposed to come with 6GB RAM, along with Snapdragon 823 (MSM8996 Pro) processor. It is also rumoured that select models of Note 6 may carry the same processor as S7 Edge.

The Note 6 will have the model number SM-N930. The screen will be 5.77-inches with a 1440 x 2560 QHD resolution. The phablet, as has been rumored, will carry 6GB of RAM with 32GB of native storage.

WeiboToday afternoon, @ice universe, the man who often leaks details about Samsung smartphones on Weibo, revealed about the processor on the device  “Samsung Note 6 to have the MSM8996 Pro (Snapdragon 823).”

Note 6

One the contrary, this leak shows a different processor. As per this, the Samsung Exynos 8890 processor powers the device.

Last year Samsung release the Note 5 a bit early to hog the limelight against iPhone 6s, this year Samsung may repeat the strategy to block iPhone 7/Plus by releasing the Note 6 early. Let us wait and watch if these are 2 separate devices that will be launched, however, 6GB ram is confirmed

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  • tauerman

    Same as always Snapdragon 823 for US and Exynos 8890 for Europe

    • balcobomber25

      They will need the SD for China as well, Exnyos 8890 doesn’t support all of China’s networks which is why Meizu used the Helios X25 for the Pro 6.

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    I’m waiting if xiaomi max can challenge note 6 in term of SoC and battery capacity… or any other manufacturer for that matter (HTC 10 Max? Oppo Find 9?)

  • Just An Old Regular Guy

    Uhm i was wondering how much samsung will overcharge for this monster, i think maybe $1000+ without any contract as usual ?

    Their strategy maybe rather simple, ask the R&D team to add more gimmick features (like those extra sensors that people never use,etc etc), ask the design team to make sure it looks nice and thin, calculate the cost (+ the huge sums of $$$ allocated for advertising agency) and double/triple price = Profit !!!!