Elephone S3 Reservation Event from 12th of April

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Elephone S3 Reservation Event from 12th of April

Elephone S3 Reservation event will start from the 12th of April and run through till the 27th of April

No actual price for the phone has been given yet but Elephone have given a clue to the price by putting $1?9.99 on their post.

What do you think the question mark will be replaced with? I am guessing they will be fairly agrressive as they normally are with their pre-sale pricing.

Personally I would like to see Elephone put the S3 up for pre-sale around the $140-$160 price point, as this would put it in a great position to compete with other mid range handsets.

The S3 comes with a 2.5d Bezel-less 5.2 inches display, with an 83% screen to body ratio making it look very premium.

elephone s3 reservation-2

The phone has an all metal chassis and curved back to help make the body feel even more sturdy and comfortable in the hand.

With the great screen to body ratio and the curvaceous design, this should be a phone that looks as good as it feels in the hand.

elephone s3 reservation-3

As far as specs go the phone features a Mediatek Octa-Core  MT6753 clocked at 1.3Ghz and will come with 3gb of ram and 16gb of rom (expandable with up to 128gb micro SD) and will run Android 6.0 out of the box.

Whilst the specs for the CPU and memory configurations are not exactly cutting edge, the phone should certainly have the looks and style to compete favourably with phones like the Redmi Note 3.

elephone s3 reservation

You can register here for the Elephone S3 Reservation event  hopefully if the price is competitive, this could be one of the best looking mid range handsets of 2016.

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