Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2 Data Transfer Speed Test vs GoPro Hero 4

by Joel 0

Earlier today, we reported that Xiaomi was going to soon announce the new generation Xiaomi Yi 4K Action Camera 2. Then, we got our hands on a test doc of the Yi Camera’s battery life and it showed that the device could record 4K videos at 30 fps for nearly 120 minutes continuously. Now, we have got our hands on another document of the new Yi camera generation, this time testing the data transfer speeds, from the camera to the connected smartphone via its Wi-Fi connection.

yi action camera 2 feature

So, the Wi-Fi was set at a random channel and the distance between the Yi 4K Action Camera 2 and the connected smartphone was 1 meter. The test was simple. The user first recorded a video of around 500MB on the new camera. Then he downloaded and installed the companion camera app onto his phone and connected the camera via Wi-Fi. There were two phones used for this test, a Xiaomi Mi Note and an iPhone 6S Plus. Further for comparison, the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition was also tested following the same process.

So, the results of the test are as follows:

Model numberband (channel)Phonedownload file size(MB)download time(s)download rate(MB/s)
Z16V13LW612-AUS10940592.4G (chl 6)MI NOTE LTE5101533.33
iPhone 6s5101403.64
5G (chl 153)MI NOTE LTE5101553.29
iPhone 6s5101353.78


2.4G (chl 6)MI NOTE LTE5101752.91
iPhone 6s5102102.43
5G (chl 161)MI NOTE LTE5101553.29
iPhone 6s5101353.78
Z16V13LW612-AUS33682642.4G (chl 6)MI NOTE LTE5401773.05
iPhone 6s5401513.58
5G (chl 157)MI NOTE LTE5401743.10
iPhone 6s5401473.67
Z16V13LW612-AUS25458432.4G (chl 6)MI NOTE LTE5401703.18
iPhone 6s5401443.75
5G (chl 149)MI NOTE LTE5401723.14
iPhone 6s5401463.70
GoPro HERO4 Black2.4G (chl 11)MI NOTE LTE5403551.52
iPhone 6s5403561.52

So, there are four samples being tested out here of the new Yi Action camera. Plus, at the end, you can find the GoPro Hero 4 Black for comparison. It looks like the new Yi Camera generation manages to transfer the video at double the speed as compared to the GoPro model.

We hope to get more details about the new Yi camera from our source, including some camera samples. So, stay tuned to gizmochina in the coming days.