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More OnePlus 3 Images Pop Up Online, Reveals A Similar Design As Before

by Joe 5

OnePlus 3 is rumoured to release later this month, and naturally, there are a lot of rumours and leaks about the device coming up online everyday. Recently, we saw a couple of images of the OnePlus 3 online and now, a whole new batch of the same phone has been leaked, revealing the design in all its glory. Could this be the final version of the OnePlus 3? We can’t be sure of that, but let’s take a closer look at this design.

one plus 3 01

There’s no denying the fact that the phone has an HTC look to it. The top is similar to the design of the HTC M7 with the antenna lines placed almost in the same fashion as the old HTC flagship. The design isn’t the best we have seen, with a squarish camera sensor which protrudes from the body. The front has a different look to it and this time, it looks like the company has taken some design inspiration from Meizu. The oval physical home button is almost the same as the ones we have seen in the Meizu’s blue charm series. Considering that there is no fingerprint sensor at the back, we can expect the sensor to be embedded in the front placed home button.

The new leaked images also show off the bottom of the OnePlus 3. The phone will have all the slots down there, including 3.5mm headphone jack and USB Type-C. Also, we can see a speaker grill as well as microphone opening at the bottom. The top seems to be clean. Only one side of the phone has been revealed in the images, and there seems to be a toggle switch there. The volume and the power buttons should be located on the opposite side. From the looks of the device in these pictures, it seems to be an engineering prototype. So, despite multiple leaks with the same design, we can’t be sure this will be the final design of the OnePlus 3.

We have already seen the specs of the OnePlus 3 flagship in detail, thanks to the previous leaks. You can read more about them from here.


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  • Ionut Johnny

    Maybe it’s an outdated design but I still like it with the black colour and the killer specs, if the camera it’s good I will buy it.
    My buy list:
    Leco Le Max 2, Zuk Z2 Pro, Vernee Apolo, Huawei P9, Gionee s8, One Plus 3, Meizu Pro 6.
    I will wait and buy the phone with the best camera, may be the P9 or the other brands will surprise me with same quality or better, 5.2 size it’s too small to me.

    • jimberkas

      that’s a nice buy list, most of those are on my list as well but I do prefer the 5.2 inch size.
      the next couple months are gonna be fun!

      • Ionut Johnny

        Yes, 5.2 it’s not a deal breaker for me, I prefer 5.5 or more but if a phone is better and it has 5.5 I will surely buy it. I forgot about the OPPO Find 9 the advance edition if it will not be expensive as hell, Xiaomi mi5 Pro and Meizu Edge 😀

  • jose lopez huertado

    es una copia de meizu la verdad es que meizu es la mejor marca china

  • Waldwolf

    It’s surprising there aren’t more “specs/rumors” about the OP3’s camera.