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The $900 Smartphone Flagships: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or iPhone 7?

by Habeeb Onawole 6

Samsung’s latest flagship is the stylus-toting Galaxy Note 7. Sporting a 5.7” 2K Super AMOLED screen with dual curved edges, 4GB RAM, 64GB  ROM,  12MP f/1.7 rear  camera, 5MP front camera, a 4096 pressure sensitive S-Pen, iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, and an IP68 certification; the Note 7 does has a lot to offer. But at a price. A price of 6000 Yuan ($900)!!!

Another phone which will probably be having such a high price tag is Apple’s new phone, the iPhone 7. Although it has not been released yet, we already have a fair knowledge of what to expects following months of leaks.

The iPhone 7 (Plus) is said to come with a 5.5” 3D-touch screen, dual 12 MP cameras on the back, a 5MP front facing camera, a fingerprint scanner, and doesn’t come with a 3.5mm jack. It will also be ditching the 16GB storage option.

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While the Note 7 does have several interesting features, Apple’s iOS operating system is a force to be reckoned with.

iPhone 7 vs Note 7 4 iPhone 7 vs Note 7 3 iPhone 7 vs Note 7 5 iPhone 7 vs Note 7 7 iPhone 7 vs Note 7 9 iPhone 7 vs Note 7 iPhone 7 vs Note 7 10 iPhone 7 vs Note 7 6 iPhone 7 vs Note 7 2 iPhone 7 vs Note 7 8

Now the question is this. If you are given 6000 Yuan which of these devices will you be purchasing? Let’s know your answer in the comment box and the reason for choosing it.

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  • princetom

    The iPhone. Best user experience

  • Adam Nazifi

    The Note 7 of course, Superior Specs and unique design

  • MitsosDaBest

    The iPhone 7 will be the same shit like the other and it’s very ugly… The Note 7 will be better.

  • greg

    None of them, these days it is insane someone will waste 900 usd in something they will ditch in one or two years because the new model will be available each year , so for me it is stupid to spend that much money in a smartphone, when the 70% of the people who buy them just use the basic and do not get the full advantages of such machines , if I´m going to spend $900 , better be on the new Mi Note 2 and the LeEco Le max 2 or the OP3 , I will have two very powerful phones for less than $1000 ,instead of one super expensive overpriced phone

    • Wolvie

      Yupe totally agree with you. It is just insanely waste of money to buy a premium smartphone for almost $1000. Anything above $500 is i rip off already LOL.

      Btw lets logically calculate the price, if i somehow i got budget $900 to buy smartphone.
      If i bought the stupidly expensive Samsung Galaxy note 7 , i only have 1 unit. Hmmm probably i can be happy using it and show off to my friends ,etc for 2-3 years before the thing become either faulty or obsolete, etc

      But if now i buy Redmi Note 3 pro at $165, then another year i buy another Redmi note 4 Pro (i assume the price already drop to the same $165) , then another year i can still keep buying brand new one, etc etc

      So guess what LFMAO ???? with $900 i can happily buy brand new Xiaomi Redmi Note series EVERY YEAR FOR 5 YEARS and i still got extra $75 in my pocket. Damn crazy the price different a lot LOL. So instead of using a shining brand new premium smartphone, i can get a luxury of using a brand new damn good phone every year and that’s a good bargain for my opinion.

  • james ramos

    Note 7 no doubt at all , i was using in the past iphone 6 plus , and i will never go back to ios , i was tired of all apple limites , such as no sd card no simple copy paste everything that is so simple on droid phones is too much complicated on iphone everytime i must search solutions on the internet ,