Hooked on Phone: Children Don’t Notice When Their Parents Are Replaced With Strangers (VIDEO)

by Joel 0

Smartphones have become a very important part of our lives, helping us in almost every activity. We always carry around our phone wherever we go, may it be our office, parties or even when we are going to sleep. With smartphones becoming smarter and bringing in more functions, we are increasingly hooked to our devices, which means we spend less time with the people we care about.

Even at the dinner table, smartphones are a common sight giving us less time to connect. So, Dolmio decided to do an experiment to show how children are often hooked on phones at the dinner table to notice changes around them. Of course, this experiment is actually an advert to promote its “PEPPER HACKER” gadget which blocks Wi-Fi, but it still manages to show how young kids are addicted to gadgets at home.

the look up smartphone experiment


In the experiment, first, they changed some of the things in the house, like replacing a family portrait. But it wasn’t good enough to get the attention of the kids. Later, the parents and siblings in the experiment were replaced by strangers and it still wasn’t enough, for the kids to notice. Only when the Wi-Fi was turned off did the kids notice the many changes around them! It’s an interesting experiment and shows how addicted we are getting to smartphones these days to care about the things around us.

Do check out the video below to watch the entire experiment.