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Xiaomi Mi 5S & Mi 5S Plus Now Up For Pre-order On OPPOMART

by Joe 4

Xiaomi unveiled the Xiaomi Mi 5S and the Mi 5S Plus flagships a couple of days back and a few hours ago, both these phones went on sale in China. Now, if you are an international user, here’s some good news. The Xiaomi Mi 5S and Mi 5S Plus are both up for pre-order on OPPOMART.

Xiaomi Mi 5S


The Xiaomi Mi 5S is up for order at $349 on the website for the 3GB RAM version, while the 4GB RAM model will retail for $399. Interestingly, the gray version of both the models are $50 costlier on OPPOMART, so the 3GB RAM Gray version is up for $399 and the 4GB RAM Gray version costs $449.


Even the Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus, which is the larger 5.7-inch model, is listed on OPPOMART for a starting price tag of $399 for the 4GB RAM version and $449 for the 6GB RAM version. Once again, the Gray version costs $50 more than the other color variants.

Check out OPPOMART for more details. If you are interested to read the full specs of these two devices, you can check them out from down below.

Xiaomi Mi 5S | Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus

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  • Lucas Rodrigues

    Sad, they dont Send it to Brazil.

  • greg

    60-110 usd over the original price for the plus version , is a “little” bit expensive for me, Xiaomi should sell international from its own website

    • Raky_b

      well, shipping costs (especially with insurance), plus they must earn something….and on whole that price, you (me and others) do have to pay TAX, so…

  • I contacted Oppomart and they said phones will probably be available after 07.10, so don`t hurry on buying from them(sometimes they don`t have in-stock for weeks after the pre-sale)