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Sharp Unveils Corner R Smartphone with Stunning Curved Bezel-less Display

by Jed John 19

Japanese tech giant Sharp has unveiled a new smartphone which uses a design that could be said to be a real stunner, clutching an entirely bezel-less display. The device that is still a concept piece carries the name “Corner R” and was exhibited during the CEATECH 2016 technology expo holding in Japan.

Sharp Corner R

This isn’t the tech giant’s first bezel-less smartphone, Sharp had unveiled the Aquos 305SH in 2014 and it was touted back then as the world’s first bezel-less mobile phone. The Corner R comes with a unique design, and sports a curved display screen amidst well chamfered and round edges.To sum it up, the beautiful phone looks like a little pebble.

sharp corner r

According to the listing, the Sharp Corner R concept phone uses Sharp Free Form Display created using the recently unveiled IGZO display technology which is said to come with 1000ppi. The Corner R also sports a 5.2-inch curved display with Full HD (1080 pixels) resolution. If you combine this with the absence of display bezels on all edges, the display could be said to be stunning. Another thing, the display is capable of outputting 425ppi which creates a truly sharp display and when compared with the 518ppi display on the Galaxy Note 7’s, it comes close in output.

Sharp Corner R

Apart from that, the display which seems to be the main highlight of the Corner R, covers almost the entire screen with the display accounting for nearly 90% of the screen. The remaining part at the bottom edge holds three virtual buttons and just at the edge the Sharp logo is crested.

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sharp corner r

On the whole, the Sharp Corner R promises some huge prospect in display technology. Already smartphone makers have been trying out ways of completely removing the display bezels and still not have black borders at the edge of the screen and this concept device achieves that. We are not sure, though, when this will go commercial.


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  • Ionut Johnny

    Absolutely beautiful, I want one.

  • Kaizoku_san

    I want one of these…but where’s my speaker to receive calls?

    • Assefa Hanson

      induction technology like in the aquous crystal, the vibration on the screen will work as the audio anywhere you put your ears on the screen youll hear the call

      • princetom


        • Assefa Hanson

          yeah watch mkbhd, he has a video review on the older sharp aquous crystal phone

  • bro-reac

    If the Aquos did it then am sure they can release it.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    i want one too !

  • Assefa Hanson

    ill say it again sharp is the king of displays but why is their phones stuck in japan??

    • G’n’T

      I agree Assefa. Their crappy business model keeping them in Japan only and holding them back. I have been a fan for years but never understood the Japan brands staying in Japan only. 🙁

      • Assefa Hanson

        every few months or so you hear : sharp releases new aquous crystal flagship with high end spec and world leading 120 refresh rate screens etc etc only to stay in japan forever but guess what we get from japan??? overpriced sony phone -_-

  • goodwill

    These kind of screen design always looks good of course but in real life usage it won’t be as durable. A single drop is going to damage the display easily. I had an almost bazelless phone before and i accidentally dropped it at an angle where an impact would the closest to the panel and busted the whole display. I prefer bezel still to protect the panel. In this case, all 3 sides are touching the panel. A drop impact on any of those 3 sides will definitely damage the panel.

    • Fábio

      Hi Will, I bought the Le max 2 and I am waiting for the delivery, unfortunately in my country this take around 30 days.
      After that I will install the new version of CM 13 available in XDA forum. I am very excited! 😀

      • goodwill

        Enjoy the phone! I’m back to stock rom cause there’s an app that I need to run but it won’t run on a rooted phone. I’ll flashing Cm13 again later. Btw, I just bought the older Nubia Z9 mini cause I got a good deal to play around with. Solid phone.

  • mr v

    Yes pls ship outside Japan their latste phone can do 240, fps in 4 k other manufactures get stuck at 60

  • Vishal Giri

    that’s how a smartphone should be, no limits no bezzels!!!

  • DeMichaelis

    where is the phone speaker for calls ?

    • DeMichaelis

      ok, i found it.
      induction technology like in the aquous crystal

  • NextHype

    This is the future. Not Ulephone future. Real future. Maybe a little bit of work on the design needs to be done, cause it looks like a bit bulky, but the wow effect is already here.

    If only they could team up with another innovative brand like Oppo and create a 100% screen/body ratio phone with the stabilization and fast charging tech Oppo displayed at MWC 2016… Apple would instantly become a budget brand ^^

  • Antidumb

    “No pain no game”
    “Beauty is pain”

    It could be game changer of smartphone design but probably it would painfull to use without proper software optimization.

    The most important software optimization is advance coding of palm rejection.