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OPPO R9S Sony IMX398 Camera Also Features Dual-Core Auto Focus

by Jed John 7

One major selling point of OPPO’s highly successful R9 smartphone was the fast charging technology that the company launched the device with. The OPPO R9S which is expected to launch on October 19 has now been identified to have as its own main selling point, its rear camera technology.

oppo r9s

Just recently, it was revealed that the R9S would feature Sony IMX398 sensors at its rear camera and that seem not to be all the camera would carry. It has now been revealed via OPPO’s official Weibo page that the R9S’ rear camera would also feature dual-core focus in addition to having Sony IMX398 sensor. What this means is that the device’s camera would have a great focus as well as high chip rate, and when combined with a powerful sensor, what users can only get is a powerful camera capable of delivering  stunning pictures.


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The Dual-core auto focus technology is said to be way superior to the phase detection auto focus system that is common in most high-end smartphones. The focus is more accurate and faster and this comes very handy in capturing shots in the dark or at night. It is at night, shooting moving objects or during fast shooting situations that the advantage of the dual-core focus can be well felt. It is predicted that this technology would become the standard on most mobile phones in no distant time and already OPPO is blazing the trail.


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  • Muhammad Yasir

    holy shit !


  • Vishal Giri

    thank god its on the rear side..

    • Assefa Hanson

      how do you know its not also on the front? you know oppos trend of having the better camera at the front does differentiates them and helps them rake a tonne of money from selfie lovers a healthy business strategy

  • Assefa Hanson

    oppo innovating once again but no one will review this in the west sadly

    • NextHype

      One Plus gave credit to Oppo in the west, and this will be the first phone with IMX398, so maybe ppl will display a bit of interest for it… before PR teams kick in to spamm the web with pro-Apple and pro-Samsung “studies”, “comparisons” and “comments” ^^

      • Assefa Hanson

        lol you have 20/20 vision

  • NextHype

    Any leaks on the pricetag ? ^^