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Details of Huawei’s Mid-Range Kirin 660 Released

by Habeeb Onawole 11

Huawei released the Hisilicon Kirin 960 early this week and it will be fair to say they have done a good job with the high-end SoC. Yesterday, rumours of the company’s upcoming mid-range chip, the Kirin 660 started to surface online.


The Kirin 660 is expected to compete with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 65x series and even offer better performance than the recently announced Snapdragon 653. The Kirin 960 has been rumoured to feature 2 Cortex-A73 cores clocked at 2.2GHz and 4 Cortex-A53 cores clocked at 1.8GHz. The GPU will be a Mali-G71 Mp4 and the chip will be built based on the 16nm process.

Sources have also mentioned that the new chip will have Cat. 9 LTE supporting download speeds of up to 300Mbps and upload speeds of up to 150Mbps. If Huawei adds CDMA support like they did with the Kirin 960, then the success of the Honor 5x will likely pale in comparison with any other mid-range device they decide to launch in North America that sports the new processor.

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The Kirin 960 is already starting to net some points against the Snapdragon 653, such as featuring a higher clocked Cortex-A73 core at 2.2GHz as against the 653’s 1.95GHz. But there are  still a lot of unknown details before we can say it is a winner. So until Huawei officially announces the new chip, we’ll just have to wait.

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  • roni24

    so helio x30 will compete with Kirin 960 and Snapdragon 653
    and i thought that Mediatek will bring us some great cpu that will compete with Snapdragon 820

    • Felipe Emerson

      The snapdragon 820’s gpu is more powerful than the Helio x30’s gpu. And it seems that the most powerful processor from mediatek, at least until Q3 should be it. So I doubt very MediaTek have a competitor the height of the snapdragon 820, much less from the future snapdragon 830 …

      • divis200

        Are you both trolling? Helio x20/25 has almost the same cpu performance as 820. 1.95GHz A73 cores of SD653 wouldn’t stand anywhere close to Helio x30 2.8GHz. What the f are you even comparing.

        • Felipe Emerson

          I’m talking about GPU, the Adreno 530 has performance equal to the Mali-T880 MP12, it completely crushes the Mali-T880 MP4 Helio x20. The GPU Helio X30 will be worse than the A9 SoC GPU Apple ie probably should not even be more powerful than the Adreno 530. From this you see that the future GPU Snapdragon 830 will be monstrous in relation to the GPU the Helio x30.

      • Yes, but QC’s CPU performance is sub-par. MTK and Huawei have been beating them for years now with nothing but stock cores and better engeneering.
        QC’s strenghts are modem and GPU.

  • OK, so it`s the 660, but you keep referring to it as 960 throughout the review!

    • Muhammad Yasir

      exactly ~!

      like wtf

  • Felipe Emerson

    Great chip, it should be the best mid-range option until the release of the new generation of Snapdragon

  • Tommi

    G71 much more powerful than other current GPUs, I wonder why did MTK choose PowerVR? :/

    • PVR gpu’s are the best per watt on the market, maybe only Adreno is close.
      A 4clust PVR7XT shoud definitely be close to Adreno 530’s performance at the same power envelope.

  • Alex

    Mediatek win all