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Huawei Mate 9 Render Shows the Device in Purple

by Habeeb Onawole 7

We are inching closer to November 3, the day of the launch of Huawei’s new flagship, the Mate 9. We have also been getting a steady stream of leaks of the new device. Today, we have a new render of the upcoming device posted by Evan Blass showing phone in purple which is not a colour common on devices nowadays.

Mate 9

The render apart from sporting a unique colour which if I’m correct, has appeared only on the Xiaomi Mi 5 this year, also shows a couple of details. First, it is important to mention that this unit is said to be the Manhattan version as there is a rumour that a dual-curved screen model code-named ”Long Island” is also in the works.

The render shows that Huawei is keeping the 3.5mm jack which is a good thing. There is also another ”hole” on the opposite side which we believe to be an IR blaster. The volume rocker and power button are positioned on the right and there’s the manufacturer’s name sitting on the chin in font.

The back is where the action is. The dual camera housing which is raised by a few mm has the LEICA branding on it, and the camera setup is flanked on both sides by the LED flash and laser focus. Right above the camera is the secondary microphone and below it, the fingerprint scanner. The render also confirms the use of a USB Type-C port. The speaker grille cut outs on the Mate 9 also appears to be longer than that of the Mate 8.

Mate 8 Speaker Grille
Mate 8 Speaker Grille

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This render looks good and we hope there truly is a purple variant because the world is tired of rose gold and champagne gold and pink gold and all the other gold variants out there.


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  • rigge

    beautiful device!!

    • Rob

      But with a less than beautiful price tag!

      • Assefa Hanson

        join me in the qiku q terra race 😀 no shame in a budget buy haha

        • Rob

          I’m going for their q5 plus, tried buying it twice and PayPal won’t work for some reason so can’t order it! Nothing wrong with the qiku, cheaper than some of the elephone/umi rubbish that’s for sure. Where else can u get sd808, FHD display, dual cameras, 4gb ram, alloy build and finger print sensor for $170? Have you ordered it yet?

          • Assefa Hanson

            no i have a few bills i need to cover first then i should get it in a couple weeks or a month shipping from china is gonna take long as hell to jamaica

          • Rob

            Good luck with that, just ordered mine so hopefully it will only be a few weeks 🙂

          • Assefa Hanson

            you must be in europe in jamaica everything takes a while 🙁 well we are qiku brothers 😀