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Samsung Confirms Bezel-Less OLED Phones With 90%+ Screen for 2017

by Habeeb Onawole 7

Bezel-less displays are not new but after what Xiaomi did with the Mi Mix and the kind of positive reception it got, other manufacturers are already planning theirs. One such company is Samsung, who have announced that starting next year, they will release phones with bezel-less displays.


Chief Engineer of S-LCD, (a South Korean LCD manufacturing company jointly owned by Samsung and Sony) Park Wonsang, has been reported by Korean media to have said that Samsung will launch phones that will have more than 90% screen-to-body ratio and will increase it further to 99% in the next couple of years, covering the top, sides, and chin. Mr Wonsang however declined to comment if the Galaxy S8 will be one of such phones.


The displays will be sophisticated flexible OLEDs reaching up to 99% of the phone’s height and possibly sporting an embedded fingerprint scanner.

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Some designers have made renders of the Galaxy S8 with a bezel-less display and dual rear cameras but we have to wait for a few more months before knowing if their renders come close to the real deal.

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  • vark

    Curved edge is NOT bezeless!

    • Stiven

      Maybe it’s not technically, but when you look at it it look’s like there is no bezels. And that’s what really matters.

    • Assefa Hanson

      this article never really implied that.. but if they are going for more than 90% this is most likely more than 90%

  • Muhammad Yasir


    • NextHype

      you can hope… or you can expend your organ trafficking business ^^

  • NextHype

    Bezelless phones are the future.
    Sammy and LG should hurry to do it before Apple actually does it ^^

  • BoardDWorld

    This is a little dumb, a mention that in the future 99% ratio will be achieved and a bezel-less design released. Anybody can/will say that..