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Gadget, IUNI, Review

Review: IUNI U3

                Design   The best thing about the IUNI U3 is its appearance, especially the front. It...
Gadget, Lenovo, Review

Review: Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro

Last month, Lenovo launched its new flagship phone, the Vibe Z2 Pro. Its use of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 6-inch 2K display screen, and...

EHEAR E2: A $65 Smart Bluetooth headset that doubles as a Video Camera

While I am sure you must have seen or used a Bluetooth headset in the past, recently we came across a product which looked...
vk 1000 2
Android, Review

VK 1000 Review: An affordable 4G LTE Android smartphone

In the past few months, VK has been releasing a number of affordable smartphones in Europe, which has increased its popularity in the region....
Android, Leagoo, Review

Leagoo Lead 2 Review: a $100 smartphone has never looked so good

Leagoo, the smartphone company which was established only a year back is growing pretty fast. The company recently unveiled its first generation of devices...
Samsung vs Xiaomi
Review, Samsung, Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi4 or Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Which one is better?

Samsung and Xiaomi, both the names are not new in the smartphone market. Both have proved and established as the real players of the...
Review, Uncategorized review— BEWARE OF THIS SITE

I usually do reviews as a blogger. This involves doing product reviews, websites and reward programs. I write because I think most of my...
OnePlus One vs Xiaomi Mi4
Oneplus, Review, Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi4 or OnePlus One – Which is better?

No doubt that these two great phones are making history in the world of mobile industry. Somehow their influence becomes wider and bigger since...
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Oneplus One Clone (LANDVO L200G) Hands on Review

Landvo L200G  4G Phablet is the prestigious smartphone with astounding features and suiting anyone’s budget. This wonderful piece of handset with dual CPU set...
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Camera Shot Comparison: Smartisan T1vs Oneplus One vs Vivo Xshot vs iPhone5c

1/10   Photography Comparison between Smartisan/Oneplus/Xshot/5c 2/10           A:Smartisan T1 B:OnePlus C:vivo Xshot D:iPhone 5c 3/10   Most of the answers are wrong...