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China electronics product review

Blackview / by Linus -

Blackview A8 Unboxing

Blackview has been known to produce a lot of very cheap phones and the A8 is no exception. The device costs just around $50 but is it any good? Learn…

Meizu / by Linus -

Meizu M3 Note Unboxing!

Meizu is one of those Chinese manufacturers which releases one of the hottest budget devices of the year and it seems that the Meizu M3 Note is no exception. It…

Review / by Linus -

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro Review

We were really happy about the Xiaomi Redmi 3 and we even called it the best cheap phone at the time of our review and we suggest you checking it out.  The…

Kingzone / by Linus -

Kingzone Z1 Plus Review

We don’t review a lot of phones made by Kingzone but we came across the Z1 Plus. It has quite an interesting looking design but it costs more than $150….