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Microsoft and HTC is renew their partnership

HTC has been neglected the Windows Phone since HTC is planning to more focus to Android device, but now we have the good news...
Microsoft Smartwatch
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Microsoft “electronic wristband” patent design is exposure

Before now, Micrsoft is trying to make their new “electronic wristband” and send this device as new patent.
Microsoft free WP
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Microsoft will offers free license for Windows Phone OS

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft has been considering the launch of Windows Phone in the free version, there is evidence that Microsoft had...
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Microsoft has release the Free version of Microsoft Office for iPhone, iPad and Android

Microsoft, is the biggest software vendor from USA has been annunce the availability of Microsoft Office for iPad, along with that, Microsoft is also...
WP on Android
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Microsoft argue HTC to put Windows Phone on Android device

Tablets with more than one operating system already  released on the market. But it is different for  smartphones. And Microsoft as the make of...

Foxconn to pay Microsoft licensing fees for every Android device

Microsoft has just announced that it has reached an agreement with the parent company of Foxconn, Hon Hai.
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Microsoft, Huawei, MediaTek will jointly build a Surface Phone?

After we’ve heard about the rumor of Microsoft will built Windows Phone 8 Surface Phone, it’s now we heard another interesting news which confirm...
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Microsoft urgue Chinese government to stop Microsoft Office software piracy

The problem of pirated software is very high in mostly Asian country. China is a country with the largest population in the world is...
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Buy a new Lenovo PC and get refund for upgrade to Windows 8

Earlier, Lenovo announced that they will not offers upgrade toWin8 for its Win7 users. But now that’s a good news for Lenovo user. They...
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Microsoft large expansion in China mainland

Microsoft has spent many years to fighting software piracy in China. However, the software giant is still looking at China as the good market...