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ZTE Nubia Z7 dual-card
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The Nubia Z7 smartphone is exposure with Snapdragon 805 and Dual SIM card slot

ZTE has ready to release their new premium smartphone Nubia Z7, this phone is not release yet but  we have the leaked of screenshot...
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ZTE Nubia Z7 Price Is Leaked Before Official Release

As the World Cup starts, cellphone companies have been making World Cup-themed products to promote sales. Yesterday, Nubia announced in their official Weibo account...
ZTYE Grand S Pro
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ZTE Grand S Pro, the new 5 inch smartphone with Snapdragon 800 processor

ZTE the one of Chinese smartpone manufacturer that already release their priduct to global market is now release their new high-end smartphone, ZTE GRand...
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Mozilla is ready to release $25 USD Firefox OS smartphone

According to foreign media reports, Wall Street Journal, Mozilla Chief Operating Officer, Gong Li said that the company is ready to release Firefox OS...
nubia z7
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ZTE Nubia Z7 specs and price is now exposure before release date

Today we have got the new information from ZTE that the company is ready to release the Nubia Z7 smartphone, and we have got...
ZTE V5-RedBull
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ZTE V5 RedBull is released with 999 yuan ($160 USD) price tag

ZTE V5 Red Bull Telecom version is finally came. According to ZTE microblogging site, ZTE will officialy release the ZTE V5 Red Bull smartphoe...
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ZTE Will Release The First Phone With MTK MT6290 4G LTE Processor

Although MTK is lagging behind in 4G era, it is better than the chasing 3G era, rumors and informations indicate the MTK LTE chip...
Nubia Z7-03
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The picture of new ZTE smartphone is revealed, suspect as Nuia Z7 smartphone?

ZTE is preparing the new smartphone, according to ZTE Nuia official micrologging site, they announced to unveiled the new smarphone on May 30th.
Nubia X6-001
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ZTE Nubia X6 benchmark test

Today, many smartphone manufacturer is develop their product with larger screen size, while Apple has unveiled their first iPhone with 3,5 inch screen size,...
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ZTE Nubia X6 sold out for only 9.8 seconds

ZTE has been unveiled their new flagship smartphone, ZTE Nubia X6. And now we found the interesting news that the ZTE Nubia X6 is...