Google+ Hangouts the new video chat services from Google

by Rosgani 0

Starting this week, Google replacing the video chat in Gmail with Google+ Hangouts. With this upgrade, users not only can chat with friends via Gmail, but also on the Google+ in their Android or Apple devices.

“Not like the old video chat using peer-to-peer based technology, Google+ Hangouts harnessing the power of Google’s network to provide better service quality,” Google wrote in a blog post.

Google says all Gmail users can now chat with their friends and talk in Google+ with up to nine people at once. Users will be able to watch YouTube videos together, collaborate and split screen on Google Documents.

These Internet giant has recently expanded Google+ features, including the introduction of YouTube parties last June. This feature allows users of Google+ watching YouTube video together while doing a video chat.

Development continues to be done on the Gmail service. However, while the service continues to grow Gmail, Google+ as Google’s social networking is still struggling to align the compete with Facebook.

Google’s move to continue to integrate Gmail and Google+ services it’s seems to be an attempt to embrace the users to use Google+. Hangouts feature in Gmail was released this week and will gradually be integrated fully in the next few weeks.