Activating Move2SD without rooting your device

by Rosgani 3

When the internal memory capacity becomes low and applications in mobile phones began to fill, one solution is to install the application so that the applications installed Move2SD transferred to the memory card.

Unfortunately, not all applications support this feature, so you should Move2SD Enabler uses the application to use this feature, but the enabler Move2SD application requires you to perform root on your Android phone.

Here is a way to move an application to external memory without requiring you to perform root on your device. This is for Windows user only. You just have to download Install2SD Kit batch file below.

1. After you already download the file, pelase extract on any folder you want.
2. Plug your Android device to your PC using USB cable
3. Double-click Install2SD Utility.bat
4. Please choose 1. Set install location to external and hit Enter
5. restart your device and now you can install your application to memory card

Note: If you want to back to the original setting, repeat the procedure, on step 4, you choose 2 to set your install location to default. And your system is back to the original setting without crash.