Samsung One, smartphone concept with pen-style design

by Rosgani 0

Although sales of Samsung smartphones is superior than the iPhone, but Apple will not make the South Korean vendors more calm. Both are involved is still a matter of design patent dispute in court.

Seeing that happen was a polemic, Jeon Yejin inspiring a designers to find a solution for the Samsung. He created a design concept on the future of Samsung smartphone. Yejin called that product as “Samsung One”.

Samsung One does not like the Samsung smartphones in general, because the handset is made with a very futuristic. Why is it very unique? Samsung One looked like a pen. Not only stylish, but also portable and easily to carry.

Samsung One has shaped look like pen, there are some features like a camera at the top end and the micro USB on the bottom. There is also a function of the mic on the side near the storage area. This smartphone can be turned into a tablet. For Samsung One drafted by a flexible screen, so when the screen can be pulled up.

This is  very interesting, If Samsung can make it as a reality. Because, it can be out from Apple patent, is also capable of hit the market. How do you think?