Where To Buy Xiaomi Phone 2 (Xiaomi Mi2)

by Shine Wong 7

As you can already report, Xiaomi Phone 2 will cost just RMB1,999 (about $310) — the same as the original Xiaomi Phone announced this time last year — when it launches in October, and local carriers China Unicom plus China Telecom will also be offering the DC-HSPA+ handset at subsidized prices. Interestingly, Xiaomi co-founder Lei Jun even admitted on the stage that the phone’s raw cost is ¥2,350 ($370) per unit, so hopefully it’ll go down sooner than later for his sake. But if ¥1,999 is still too much, there’s also the¥1,499 ($235) Xiaomi Phone 1S which, as we’ve already seen, is very much just the original Xiaomi but bumped up from 1.5GHz to 1.7GHz, along with a front-facing camera.

Where to buy Xiaomi Phone 2 and Xiaomi M1s phone?

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