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Windows Phone user in China growth rapidly

by Rosgani 0

Windows Phones are very popular in China, the growth trend has been dramatic. We can see the graphics that shown by WPDang, Nokia is completely responsible for supporting this growth.

Windows Phone officially launched at China in March 2012 after that we can see the graphics that shown of  Windows Phone user growth significantly faster. It is worth noting that the released WP7.5 was told not to upgrade to WP8 also seems to be growth without affecting.

WPDang notes that Nokia is completely responsible for supporting this growth in China, while Samsung and HTC Windows Phone device is not have significantly affected to the user. Nokia has now owns 76% market share of the Windows Phone.

The best-seller device is Nokia 610 ehich got 22% market share, followed by the Nokia Lumia 800 at 17% and the Lumia 710 at 16%. I thinks, this is the Nokia strategy to offers low-end device to reach more market share.

WPDang also find the fact that China Telecom sold 4% of Windows Phones in China, that’s indicating that the carrier-based retail channels are not the best route to growth in the country.

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