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Goophone I5 VS iPhone 5

by Shine Wong 7

Goophone I5 is the first iPhone 5 knock-off with quad-core CPU, and today, the real iPhone 5 is unveiled, so let’s us compare the both phone, and which is your better choice.

 Goophone I5iPhone 5
Screen Size4 inch4 inch
Display Resolution1280*720 pixel1136*640 pixel
Dimension7.6mm thickness7.6mm thickness
ProcessorNVIDIA Tegra 3A6
Rear Camera8-megapixel8-megapixel, F/2.4
Front Camera1.3-megapixel720P
Operating SystemAndroid 4.1 OS (iOS theme)iOS 6
Price$299 $699

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  • redboy8

    any further knock off comming to market apart from goophone ie from kuphone gooapple like that .

  • max

    such a nice specs, why can’t they design their own phone. what’s the need to copy apple iPhone? No Android fan in their right mind will buy a iPhone copy Android phone.

    • dad

      thats not true

      • dad’s dad

        i know right what’s he talking about, if this was widely spread many android fan would buy it

  • Kubilay

    Very nice phone. Goophone I5 when in stock?

  • Ethel

    when is the phone really available? some china android market are already selling this in lower amount but we are a fan of androis sale. please answer………

  • Eduardo.Piscinas Puerto Rico

    It fit without problem on otterbox iPhone case?