Apple statement about purple flares in iPhone 5 camera

by Rosgani 0

A few days ago, there are iPhone 5 users who claim to see the beam of light in purple color when using the camera. And, Apple has given statements about the error. “Purple flares are “normal behavior for iPhone 5′s camera”

In an email sent to Gizmodo, Apple said that it is normal. In addition, they also will not provide a refund for that problem just because that’s not problem.

“Our engineering team has provided the information and we recommend that you use the camera angles away from the light source when taking a picture. The light glittering purple emerging picture is a normal phenomenon in the camera of the iPhone 5,” Apple said in their email.

Various media reported that not all shots taken using the camera of the iPhone 5 produces the pirple light. And, according to Apple, owners of the iPhone 5 should not worry about those Purple flares.