160 million Android smartphone shipment to China reach 1/4 global sales

by Rosgani 0

“Forbes” magazine has pointed out that the smartphone market in China achieved rapid development in recent years, especially Android smartphone sales reached 130 million, accounting for the proportion of global sales for more than a quarter of today.

“Forbes” article pointed out that, up to the current rate of growth, the number of Android smartphones may have reached 120 million to 130 million. In other words, in today’s global 500 million activated Android phones, China accounted for about a quarter.

According to the Telecommunications Research Institute of Statistics, from January to October 2012, our listed new smart phone models 1744 models 1700 models using the Android operating system. Smart phone shipments of 196 million, an increase of 180.8% over the same period last year, the market share of 52.5%, the Android mobile phone shipments accounted for 84.9% of the intelligence of the same period.

Such a calculation, Android phone shipments reached 166 million this year. The majority of these phones are not the support of Google services, such as Google Maps, Google Play, Gmail, the Google Calendar. The user can not install these services.