Baidu Browser v3.0 ready to download

by Rosgani 0


The official Baidu browser v3.0 has been released and ready to download, the biggest change of the new version of the browser is a the network disk comprehensive upgrade. Including video playback, independently picture sniffing optimization, network disk page revision, support for local synchronization and other new features and user-friendly improvements.

First, the new features

  • The new Baidu cloud network disk independent video playback features: support for video to be viewed directly in the browser without downloading to the local.
  • Baidu the cloud network platters sniffing experience the full upgrade
  • Baidu cloud network disk comprehensive revision, the experience is more fluid
  • Added Baidu cloud network disk desktop tools, broken network can also be used
  • The novel cloud read mode fully upgraded open (sidebar)
  • New website safety certification, registration information at a glance
  • The new ad blocker – Powerful mode, the Internet is more refreshing

Second, the optimization function:

  • Optimize the start-up speed, open web pages 16% faster;
  • Optimize the ad blocker algorithms, block ads more precisely;
  • Sorting algorithms optimize the address bar, popular sites faster direct;
  • Optimize the effect of a new tab, browse the web more comfortable;
  • Support the old cover the new version, Version Switch arbitrary.