Samsung launched a lawsuit against Apple’s implementation of the iOS Notification Center

by Rosgani 0


When Apple released the notification center in iOS 5 many sources predict that it is only a matter of time the Android will sue the Apple. But it was not Google who eventually sued Apple, and now there is a news that Samsung lawsuit against Apple because the notification center feature.

Samsung, the South Korea based manufacturer reportedly filed a lawsuit against Apple over South Korean court. Unfortunately, there is still not clearly known whether a patent is a defended by their own Samsung or owned by other companies acquired before the Apple released their notification center.

As we know some time ago Google has just won a patent in the U.S. for patent Android Notifications Center. Technically Samsung can not sue Apple over patents held by companies other than the patent has been sold or the property of the South Korean vendor.

Apple is known to release a notification center on iOS 5 in 2011, after the model on Android phones also use a similar feature. Notification Center in iOS allows users to view the entire incoming notifications in one place.