China built the world’s fastest supercomputer

by Rosgani 0

Super-Computer CHina

From the foreign media reported that China is developing the most powerful supercomputers in the history. It uses the latest Intel Xeon E5 processors Ivy Bridge architecture and Xeon Phi coprocessor, the total number up to 100,000.

Its computing power of up to 100 PFLOPS [a PFLOPS equal per second fastest super-calculator than the year 2011 is 10 times faster, but also five times faster than the fastest supercomputer right now.

This supercomputer government departments is very important, it can play a huge role in many areas of aerospace, urban planning, and medical. The supercomputer will be housed in a city in the southwest part of the hardware cost of hundreds of millions of dollars.

As a hardware vendor, Intel provides the latest Xeon E5-2567W v2 processor ($ 2,500 / peice) Xeon Phi 5110P with 8GB GDDR5 coprocessor ($ 2,649 / piece), just two chips the total price to more than $ 500 million, not even counting the motherboard, ECC parity memory, chassis, cooling and other parts, turns out to be true, “a large amount of money” to build.

At present, one thing is certain, this super “monster” is the fastest computer in the world will be in for a long period of time, will make an important contribution to China’s space industry (the moon, Mars plan). However, other countries are not far behind, 1000 PFLOPS computing power super-computer being developed in Australia, is expected to put into use a few years.

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