Nubia Z5, Meizu MX2 and Oppo Ulike 2, Which is thinner ?

by Rosgani 0


Before now we have see the Meizu MX2 and Oppo Ulike2 while CoolPad HD9960 as a thinner smartphone and after ZTE Nubia Z5 available in the market, which is thinner?

With a particular measurement method we can see the difference in the thickness of the epidermis cell phone on the market today, despite sometimes having up to 0.1mm error ratio and therefore need to be repeated measurements so that the results are completely accurate. All measurements were using the Pythagorean theorem.

The calculation method: If the phone width and the length of the screen diagonal is known, can be calculated according to the Pythagorean theorem with screen resolution ratio between the width of the screen, and then calculate the border thickness.


Hands calculation is too much trouble, so small machine with Excel to calculate:

Step 1: first create the following table, all the filling into the official parameters (beige part):


Step 2: inch converted into mm, the 1-inch = 25.4mm:

Step 3: Then the resolution converted into proportion, we need to use the Excel function GCD, the role of the function is to take the greatest common divisor:


Step 4: draw the greatest common divisor of the resolution, we can convert it into a similar 16:9 so that a proportional relationship:

Step 5: Then the screen width of a cell enter the formula before we calculate the width of the screen:

Step 6: border thickness = (phone width – screen thickness) / 2


Step 7: Similarly other phone border thickness is calculated can drag Excel formula copy function.


Thus we see that: If the official data on the fly, the thinnest border smartphone is still Meizu MX2. But more than four phone border thickness are very close to the gap between even the decimal 3, the nuances, the average person can not tell the difference. The small machine would think that border more than anyone else to their thinnest this gimmick, is better than who system optimization and better user experience, it is the user really needs.