Short review of Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

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The Thinkpad X1 Carbon is look like an ordinary Windows 8 laptop on the market, but actually this is an excellent notebook products havewhich adopt Thinkpad family feel good keyboard, sturdy housing and stable performance.

The Thinkpad series is not only offers good quality “black box” with a good impression. Although the price is a little higher, but it has become the most favorite Windows 8 ultra-extreme laptop on the market today.

Windows 8 system is now gradually moving towards the market, the new system has to have a good touch experience, as well as colorful interface, Lenovo also will release the new with a touch goods X1 Carbon.
X1 Carbon Touch and the regular edition Carbon specifications are almost the same, the same processor, the same operating system as well as the equally beautiful matte black carbon fiber body, just a little weight increase, the price is $ 150 more expensive than the regular version, for example, the minimum with Carbon price of $ 1,249, while the lowest with Carbon Touch is priced at $ 1,499. I tried Carbon Touch for some time, trying to figure out if it’s worth as much as we pay the money, as well as whether the touch screen laptop will future.

Increase the touch function
This time we have to thank a Windows laptop stickers everywhere, or almost impossible to distinguish between X1 Carbon and X1 Carbon Touch. I can sum up in one sentence: This is the most beautiful laptop I’ve ever seen. The wedge-shaped carbon fiber material body is sleek, sturdy but yet with a soft touch. Lenovo Thinkpad logo located a top of the shell, palm rest that can be torn off the Thinkpad stickers, open the top cover, you also will not forget that this is a Thinkpad. Touch version of the X1 Carbon adds an Energy Star label, and also easily torn off, remove the lid on the two indicators, to be honest I almost never pay attention to two lights. TrackPoint pointing stick and buttons for internal add the red dotted necessary, but overall remains a traditional black tone.
Carbon Touch compared to the ordinary version of the X1 Carbon slightly heavier that The former weighs 3.4 pounds (1.54 kg) equivalent, the latter compared to 3 pounds (equivalent to 1.36 kg). Touch Edition Carbon thick than the regular version a thickness of a credit card. However, we were able to notice the difference only in weight, X1 Carbon gives us the feeling of light, Carbon Touch is more like a normal over most of this. But we also do not have to worry about Carbon Touch overweight, it also will not bring too much burden to our backpacks and spine.

X1 Carbon Touch has a the Thinkpad true descent – dreamy feel of the keyboard. I liked the design of the “Smile” Carbon Touch backlit keys, the the key lower part of the curve can leave more space between lines. Although not very sure, but I Carbon Touch mistakenly Macbook Air does more than I use every day, a lot less. But, the Fn and Control key and I are still not used to exchange position, in the Windows System Control is a very important key, but I had to each keypress look at whether the press is Control-. In addition, the function keys is not a lot, we can control the brightness of the screen and the music player through the F1-F12, but otherwise there is no other function.

The touchpad always, easy to use, set to use than the touchpad on the original X1 Carbon also handy. Can obviously feel the software is optimized touchpad smoother, more responsive. Edge gesture feature still inconvenient, but other aspects have been very well. My only hope is that the design of the touchpad area larger, like Yoga 11S five key touchpad, rather than only the Trackpoint the key. Must say that one, Trackpoint done in the past is still easy to use, but the same, for a small fraction of users, including myself, it is indispensable, but for the vast majority of users, it may have always been superfluous .
Technically X1 the Carbon X1 Carbon Touch screen is the same, are in the same 1600 x 900 resolution matte screen, although not as good as in the color of fresh brightness and fullness glossy screen, but in more bright outdoor light Room matte screen visibility will obviously be much better. Thanks to Windows 8 system, the screen color is very rich. The horizontal viewing angle of the screen is wide vertical viewing angle relative performance in general.

Until your fingers touch the screen may only find the difference between Carbon Touch and original Carbon. Carbon Touch, Lenovo added a touch panel that support 10-point touch, the whole laptop becomes more Win8 range of children. Become familiar with the Windows 8 system, I found that I will increasingly frequent touch operation, such as connecting to a WiFi network and switch between different programs. Not to say that these operations can not pass through the mouse and keyboard, just touch operation, then efficiency will improve a lot. Carbon Touch equipped with touch panel feel good, clicks and gestures operation can give a sensitive reaction, through which I can very easily play Fruit Ninja.

However, add a layer of the touch panel, after all, will have a certain impact on the visual effects, an additional layer of physical panel two points of impact between the display and the user’s eyes, you will feel the change and display the distance a little far, it will feel to the touch of a layer of glass, rather than the content displayed on the display. Second, the touch panel will add to the reflective, and the display effect grainy heavier.


However, these defects are not unique Carbon Touch on any Windows 8 touch computer will appear. Touch operation not only make our operations more efficient, but also more natural. Windows 8 start screen is optimized for touch operation, the operation to complete scroll, click with the mouse, and pretty soon you may be mad, and if the touch operation is more natural. And in many cases, such as when playing Fruit Ninja is basically impossible to use the mouse to complete.

But even if you do not intend to use the touch screen to select Carbon Touch actually nothing wrong, in addition to the price will be more expensive. Carbon Touch on the performance and endurance are not less favorable than the ordinary version of Carbon. Windows 8 is a fast system, Carbon Touch perfect interpretation of it. My test machine configuration 1.8GHz Core i5-3427U processor, 4GB memory, 180GB solid-state hard drive, in the Web browser, online songs and movies that they have not encountered any problems all day in a stable . Course, Carbon Touch is not a game computer, while playing the No Man’s Land 2:00 the open minimum effects fluency can, but you still have to remember, X1 Carbon Touch is a purely commercial computer.


X1 Carbon Touch on the legs is not recommended unless you want to iron out their own leg hair. X1 Carbon and run common tasks, Cabon Touch that is quiet and cool, the fan is never full speed But if you play games or video transcoding that the situation is completely different, almost all of the heat from the comes out of the bottom of the fuselage.


Carbon Touch still bundled with a lot of pre-installed software, but compared with the regular edition Carbon, at least one of these pieces is more hidden. Lenovo plate placed many commercial-class software, the such as Lenovo Companion, Lenovo Support, Evernote, Skitch and Skype and so on. When you first open the Start menu, certainly not like to see the Norton Security Suite upgrade, Lenovo Solution Center hodgepodge of links. Fortunately, Windows 8 system seems to limit the bundled software manufacturers add too much in the Start menu.

X1 Carbon equipped with Windows 7 system start-up time of 27 seconds, did not make any improvements in hardware, but the operating system upgrade to Windows 8, the start time of the X1 Carbon Touch easily break through to 8 seconds. The wake of the two times they almost always have zero seconds. Have to admit, I am really shocked by the Carbon Touch start-up time and running speed.

As mentioned earlier, compared with the regular edition Carbon Carbon Touch battery life is not shortened. This is both good news but at the same time is bad news, the good side of the touch devices is generally shorter than the life, and Carbon Touch is not the case, the bad news is that even so Carbon Touch life only 4.5-5 hours only this time for an ultra-extreme and unsatisfactory. Luckily, Lenovo we named RapidCharge charging technology, full 50% of capacity in just 30 minutes for you. Therefore, although we still need to carry a power adapter, but at least we do not have to charge for a long time.

The Thinkpad X1 Carbon is Lenovo a very successful product, Lenovo also its advantages fully taken X1 Carbon Touch: It has a weight of lightweight, beautiful shape of the body, a strong enough performance. However, just like the ordinary version of the X1 Carbon Carbon Touch temperature bundled with an excessive number of preset software, and the price is too high. Users can use the same price to buy the, Asus Zenbook Prime, a, to get a better display, of course, Apple’s Macbook Air is a good choice. If Lenovo can extend the life of the battery, or lower prices around $ 1000, then I believe that the user would not hesitate to buy X1 Carbon Touch. But now the situation, unless your pocket really lavish, otherwise, the purchase Carbon Touch will be a very difficult decision. I really like this Carbon Touch, but When these sets evaluation machine restitution, I think I will not go buy one.

Even so, I still would say, If you want to buy X1 Carbon certain buy Touch version. With the Windows 8 system matures, it will increasingly touch operation, my X1 Carbon Touch on a screen full of fingerprints is enough to illustrate this point.

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